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      $121.25from $97.00 - $196.00 (ea)
      FIREHAWK WIDE OVAL All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. This top level tire is designed for great all around performance - season after season. Thanks to its specially formulated tread compound and full depth pattern...
      # 1075574
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      $306.25from $245.00 - $332.00 (ea)
      FIREHAWK WIDE OVAL RFT Summer / Performance Tires by Firestone®. Racing heritage. Retro look. Updated with UNI-T technology. Today's Firehawk Wide Oval is a lot more tire than it once was. Now, performance is ultra high. Turns are...
      # 1075603
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      $106.25from $85.00 - $215.00 (ea)
      FIREHAWK WIDE OVAL INDY 500 Summer / Performance Tires by Firestone®. This tire features directional tread pattern which maximizes both wet and dry performance, as well as other tire characteristics. By specifying that the tread...
      # 1075606
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      $113.75from $91.00 - $159.00 (ea)
      AFFINITY TOURING All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. This touring tire has the tire looks without the premium price. Solid center rib coupled with optimized shoulder element angle and shape delivers a quiet ride. Wide...
      # 1075348
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      $148.75from $119.00 - $332.00 (ea)
      DESTINATION A/T All Season / All Terrain Tires by Firestone®. This is the SUV and light truck all-terrain tire for drivers who want to go wherever the road leads - from main streets to the woods. The Destination A/T with UNI-T...
      # 1075355
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      $157.50from $126.00 - $171.00 (ea)
      DESTINATION LE All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. The company engineered the Destination LE to give light trucks and SUVs the advantage of UNI-T technology. The result is a reliable tire that allows for command of the...
      # 1075406
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      $143.75from $115.00 - $198.00 (ea)
      DESTINATION LE2 All Season / Eco Tires by Firestone®. If you're looking for a tire that works as hard as you do for your light truck or SUV and you want great value for your money, look no further than the Firestone Destination...
      # 1075442
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      $231.25from $185.00 - $338.00 (ea)
      DESTINATION M/T All Season / All Terrain Tires by Firestone®. The Destination M/T is the first Firestone light truck tire with exclusive UNI-T technology to advance wet handling and braking. Plus, you get a whole package of...
      # 1075480
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      $192.50from $154.00 - $248.00 (ea)
      DESTINATION ST All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. Want to turn heads everywhere you go? The Firestone Destination™ ST tire was designed to do just that-while delivering a smooth and comfortable ride. With its...
      # 1075501
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      $125.00from $100.00 - $221.00 (ea)
      FIREHAWK GT All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. This tire has a dual personality. On one hand, its all racing-inspired in looks and performance, with a wider footprint that takes corners like a pro and traction technology...
      # 1075531
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      $451.25from $361.00 - $468.00 (ea)
      FIREHAWK GT PURSUIT All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. It is specially designed for the law enforcement and high-speed emergency use. This V- and W-speed rated tire combines excellent wet and dry handling with an...
      # 1075543
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      $217.50$174.00 (ea)
      FIREHAWK GTA 03 All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. Original Equipment (OE) car tire on select vehicles. See sizes and specifications for Original Equipment fitments.
      # 1075550
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      $307.50$246.00 (ea)
      FIREHAWK PV41 All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. This modern tire is specially designed for law enforcement and high-speed emergency use. This V-Speed rated tire combines excellent wet and dry handling with an emphasis...
      # 1075564
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      $355.00from $284.00 - $599.00 (ea)
      FIREHAWK PVS Winter / Performance Tires by Firestone®. PVS, which stands for Pursuit Vehicle Snow, is specially designed for law enforcement and high-speed emergency use in winter conditions. This contemporary tire provides the...
      # 1075566
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      $101.25from $81.00 - $140.00 (ea)
      FR710 All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. This automotive tire brings technology, affordability, and popularity together. The wide footprint adds comfort and quiet to the ride. These features make the FR710 an excellent...
      # 1075652
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      $148.75from $119.00 - $156.00 (ea)
      FR740 All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. Specially designed for those drivers who travel a lot around the country and have to drive in various weather conditions, all-season tires are definitely a bang for the buck. They...
      # 35746537
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      $101.25from $81.00 - $153.00 (ea)
      PRECISION SPORT All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. A great performer in many weather conditions, the Firestone Precision™ Sport is a reliable tire with a high performance all-season tread. Tuned for great handling, it...
      # 1075704
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      $106.25from $85.00 - $160.00 (ea)
      PRECISION TOURING All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. Great wet traction and a quiet, comfortable ride makes the Precision Touring a standout in the Firestone line. With its all-season tread pattern and attractive price,...
      # 1075728
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      $201.25from $161.00 - $320.00 (ea)
      TRANSFORCE AT All Season / All Terrain Tires by Firestone®. It delivers all-terrain wet and dry performance that you can count on. Combine polyester and steel light truck construction with a full spiral nylon cap ply. Add UNI-T...
      # 1075770
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      $186.25from $149.00 - $237.00 (ea)
      TRANSFORCE HT All Season / All Terrain Tires by Firestone®. This modern tire is packed with features to make it a driving force for light truck and commercial vehicles. UNI-T technology along with deep shoulder slots and...
      # 1075785

    For over 100 years, Firestone has led the pack with its racetrack legacy, starting with a 1911 Indianapolis 500 win by a car running Firestone tires. Since then, Firestone-equipped cars have displayed exemplary performance on and off the track. In 1900, Harvey Firestone started the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in Ohio, making tires for buggies, wagons, and other farm equipment. Firestone has continually worked to reduce emissions not only with production footprint, but also with products life cycle.

    Once Harvey Firestone partnered with Henry Ford to put the first pneumatic rubber car tires on the Model T – and subsequently becoming the OE supplier for the Ford Motor Company - Harvey Firestone's business took off and began to evolve into Firestone Tires customers know today. This industrious background supplied Firestone with the grit and determination to produce the tires that empower today’s vehicles to drive farther and grip the road better than any other tire.

    • FIRESTONE® - FR710 Tires on Car
    • FIRESTONE® - DESTINATION LE2 Tires on Nissan Murano
    • FIRESTONE® - Alternate Racig Tires
    • FIRESTONE® - WIDE OVAL Tires on Ford Mustang
    • FIRESTONE® - FIREHAWK PV41 Tires on Dodge Polara
    • FIRESTONE® - Primary Racing Tires
    • FIRESTONE® - Dragster Tires on Car
    • FIRESTONE® - DESTINATION M/T on Toyota Tacoma
    • FIRESTONE® - Agricultural Tires
    • FIRESTONE® - WIDE OVAL on Ford Mustang

    Bridgestone Corporation purchased Firestone in 1988, transforming the companies’ combined operations into the world's largest tire and rubber company. The operations in the Americas were renamed Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc. and became the largest subsidiary of Bridgestone. As part of its integration with Bridgestone’s existing U.S. operations, Bridgestone/Firestone moved its headquarters from Akron to Nashville in 1992. Today, this subsidiary, now named Bridgestone Americas (BSAM), consists of an international family of enterprises with 52 production facilities throughout the Americas.

    BSAM and its subsidiaries develop, manufacture, and market a wide range of Bridgestone, Firestone, and associate brand tires to address the needs of a broad range of customers, including consumers, automotive and commercial vehicle OE manufacturers, and those in the agricultural, forestry, and mining industries. The companies are also engaged in retreading operations throughout the Western Hemisphere and produce air springs, roofing materials, and industrial fibers and textiles. The BSAM family of companies also operates the world’s largest chain of automotive tire and service centers.

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    1998 Jeep Wrangler
    | Posted by | (Edmonton, AB)

    This is a great tire, excellent in the mud, the snow and in rain and ice. Self clearing tread design is a huge plus when both on the trail or in snow. Tires wear evenly and are longer lasting then the old Wranglers I had. Truly a great tire.

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    There is a lot of information on the sidewall of a tire. Typically, you'll find UTQG ratings for treadwear, traction and temperature, the size of the tire, the load rating index number with a speed rating index, the construction type (bias or radial), the D.O.T. compliance code, and construction details. On some tires used as original equipment, you may also find a marking that indicates its OE status.

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