Firestone 20 INCH TIRES

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      $216.25from $173.00 - $196.00 (ea)
      FIREHAWK WIDE OVAL All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. This top level tire is designed for great all around performance - season after season. Thanks to its specially formulated tread compound and full depth pattern...
      # 1075574
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      $181.25from $145.00 - $205.00 (ea)
      FIREHAWK WIDE OVAL INDY 500 Summer / Performance Tires by Firestone®. This tire features directional tread pattern which maximizes both wet and dry performance, as well as other tire characteristics. By specifying that the tread...
      # 1075606
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      $281.25from $225.00 - $274.00 (ea)
      DESTINATION A/T All Season / All Terrain Tires by Firestone®. This is the SUV and light truck all-terrain tire for drivers who want to go wherever the road leads - from main streets to the woods. The Destination A/T with UNI-T...
      # 1075355
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      $241.25from $193.00 - $198.00 (ea)
      DESTINATION LE2 All Season / Eco Tires by Firestone®. If you're looking for a tire that works as hard as you do for your light truck or SUV and you want great value for your money, look no further than the Firestone Destination...
      # 1075442
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      $402.50$322.00 (ea)
      DESTINATION M/T All Season / All Terrain Tires by Firestone®. The Destination M/T is the first Firestone light truck tire with exclusive UNI-T technology to advance wet handling and braking. Plus, you get a whole package of...
      # 1075480
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      $192.50from $154.00 - $216.00 (ea)
      DESTINATION ST All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. Want to turn heads everywhere you go? The Firestone Destination™ ST tire was designed to do just that-while delivering a smooth and comfortable ride. With its...
      # 1075501
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      $276.25$221.00 (ea)
      FIREHAWK GT All Season / Performance Tires by Firestone®. This tire has a dual personality. On one hand, its all racing-inspired in looks and performance, with a wider footprint that takes corners like a pro and traction technology...
      # 1075531
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      $400.00$320.00 (ea)
      TRANSFORCE AT All Season / All Terrain Tires by Firestone®. It delivers all-terrain wet and dry performance that you can count on. Combine polyester and steel light truck construction with a full spiral nylon cap ply. Add UNI-T...
      # 1075770
    Understanding Tires

    There is a lot of information on the sidewall of a tire. Typically, you'll find UTQG ratings for treadwear, traction and temperature, the size of the tire, the load rating index number with a speed rating index, the construction type (bias or radial), the D.O.T. compliance code, and construction details. On some tires used as original equipment, you may also find a marking that indicates its OE status.

    Understanding Tires

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