Fiat Performance Brakes

Whether you are a speed freak or safe driver, brakes are the car parts that make your driving secure. You will hardly find a driver who would agree to drive a vehicle with the brake system that doesn't operate in a proper way. High-quality brakes go hand in hand with your safety on the road. That's why this car part should be upgraded first of all. Any OEM brakes are designed for vehicles that perform routine tasks such as driving kids to and from school, grocery shopping, and so on. Still, if you aim to add any power upgrades to your Fiat, your stock stopper just won't do. Besides, if you want to provide yourself with the highest level of safety and be sure that you will never lose your grip on your vehicle, you need to upgrade your Fiat brakes.

The main thing you have to remember is that the high temperature of your rotor's surface can make your brakes fade. You can reduce this temperature with the help of a drilled, dimpled, or cross-drilled rotor that increases the airflow and provides better cooling. On the other hand, if you care more about dust, you'd better pay attention to a slotted rotor. Moreover, we offer you a comprehensive collection of brake pads and calipers that will help you to halt your Fiat the moment you really need it.

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    • (46 reviews)
      $51.58from $41.26 - $163.61
      Redstuff Ceramic Low Dust Brake Pads by EBC®. This set of replacement ceramic brake pads offers OEM quality fit and operation with the superior stopping power, longer life, reduced brake fade, and lower dust buildup that ceramic...
      # 908
    • (55 reviews)
      $127.74from $102.19 - $765.19
      Drilled and Slotted Rotors by Chrome Brakes®. This is a set of OEM-sized replacement rotors with slots and drilled holes that provide the superior level of cooling needed for high performance street driving, trailer towing, 4x4...
      # 2326
    • (35 reviews)
      $71.93from $57.54 - $866.70
      3GD Series Dimpled and Slotted Sport Rotors by EBC®. These replacement rotors feature both slots and drilled dimples to provide the superior level of cooling needed for high performance street driving, trailer towing, 4x4 use,...
      # 913
    • (2 reviews)
      $637.49from $509.99 - $2,469.95
      Street Performance Drilled and Slotted Brake Kit by Wilwood®. With this kit, you will significantly improve your braking performance. Suitable for all types of custom show and high performance street/strip vehicles this kit is a...
      # 7532
    • (8 reviews)
      $42.70from $34.16 - $158.10
      Greenstuff 2000 Series Sport Brake Pads by EBC®. This set of replacement brake pads is engineered for optimum performance on lighter, less powerful vehicles that do not typically travel at triple-digit speeds. Get the fit and...
      # 984
    • (32 reviews)
      $97.36from $77.89 - $3,438.71
      USR Series Sport Slotted Rotors by EBC®. These replacement brake rotors feature multiple slots in a narrow, more angled pattern to create a quieter running surface with a superior level of cooling. Vented center provides even...
      # 919
    • (8 reviews)
      $55.58from $44.46 - $238.13
      Yellowstuff Brake Pads by EBC®. These are racing-grade replacement brake pads designed to offer an optimum combination of performance on both the street and the racetrack. Aramid fiber compound provides a high level of grip when...
      # 7500
    • (8 reviews)
      $78.15from $62.52 - $200.00
      Ceramix Brake Pads by Chrome Brakes®. These replacement brake pads are designed for aggressive street driving, and feature a composite blend of ceramic and metallic materials to achieve the lower dust and longer life of a ceramic...
      # 2325
    • (4 reviews)
      $137.50from $110.00 - $179.00
      Custom Caliper Covers by MGP®. Upgrade the appearance of your calipers, reduce their operating temperature, and reduce the amount of brake dust on your wheels with these caliper covers. These quality, aerospace aluminum covers are...
      # 4331
    • (0 reviews)
      $156.20from $124.96 - $909.99
      Combination Parking Caliper Plain Rotor Brake Kit by Wilwood®. Get this excellent kit from Wilwood that provides new options for drum brake conversions and disc upgrades on rear axles that are not conducive to internal shoe...
      # 7546
    • (0 reviews)
      $612.49from $489.99 - $1,554.99
      Street Performance Plain Brake Kit by Wilwood®. With this kit, your vehicle will get the braking power that is hard to match. The package includes plain face rotors, performance brake pads and calipers available in various finishes...
      # 7528
    • (12 reviews)
      $42.60from $34.08 - $852.28
      UPR Series Premium OE Replacement Rotors by EBC®. This replacement brake rotor is sized and shaped to OE factory dimensions with the strictest quality controls and machined to be within extremely tight tolerances of less than 0.05...
      # 914
    • (1 reviews)
      $156.20from $124.96 - $1,367.49
      Combination Parking Caliper Drilled and Slotted Rotor Brake Kit by Wilwood®. If you are looking for a parking drilled and slotted brake kit, go with Wilwood. This kit provides new options for drum brake conversions and disc...
      # 7547
    • (6 reviews)
      $31.44from $25.15 - $116.05
      Ultimax OE Replacement Brake Pads by EBC®. Get the fit and lasting quality of original equipment without paying 100% markup that dealers charge for OEM parts. EBC replacement brake pads are blended with fewer metallic compounds to...
      # 904
    • (14 reviews)
      $137.50from $110.00 - $199.00
      Caliper Covers with MGP Engraving by MGP®. Upgrade the appearance of your calipers, reduce their operating temperature, and reduce the amount of brake dust on your wheels with these caliper covers. These quality, aerospace aluminum...
      # 4334

    Guides & Articles
    If you have owned a car or truck for more than a few months, you are undoubtedly aware that your vehicle's brakes occasionally need replacing. Let's face it, we can be hard on our brakes. Highway speeds, stop-and-go traffic, and heavy cargo loads are some of the more significant factors which increase brake wear.
    In this article, we’ll introduce you to the specific tools designed to be used when replacing brake components and servicing your brake system. Having the right tools BEFORE you start working on your vehicle makes these types of jobs quick, easy, and doable for the home mechanic. It also prevents having to put things back together before the job is finished...
    Disc brake rotors (aka 'rotors') are the actual discs that brake pads clamp onto, creating friction that slows a vehicle. Disc brake rotors bolt on over the axle hub and contain holes that allow wheel mounting bolts to pass through and rotate with the wheels. Since there are many rotor styles and designs specially created for every budget and need, we’ve listed...