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The origins of CIPA date back to their 1926 founding in France. For nearly a decade, they've provided quality mirrors to the aftermarket as well as OEM units to the world's leading automotive manufacturers including BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, and Volkswagen. The ability to meet the intense demands of being an OEM supplier means a superior aftermarket product as well. Our Loyal Buyers here at CARiD have endorsed CIPA products here.

Under their EVO lighting line, CIPA has brought their OEM-supplier expertise to the table. Their halogen lighting products span the entire spectrum, literally products from high-quality replacement-grade lights with a color temperature near OEM, to the blue and green bulbs demanded by trendy car owners, EVO has a product. Similarly, they’ve got a variety of LED signal, accent, and specialty products that use the latest in high-output, low-current solid-state tech.

  • EVO Lighting® - LED Lights
  • EVO Lighting® - LED Lights in Use
  • EVO Lighting® - LED Lights in Use
  • EVO Lighting® - LED Lights in Use
  • EVO Lighting® - Strobe Bulbs
  • EVO Lighting® - LED Lights in Use
  • EVO Lighting® - Cop Strobes
  • EVO Lighting® - Headlight Bulbs
  • EVO Lighting® - Interior Lights
  • EVO Lighting® - Dash Board Lights
  • EVO Lighting® - Interior Lights
  • EVO Lighting® - Interior Lights

The dominant technology in automotive headlights today is quartz-halogen bulbs representing the pinnacle of development. With long-lived tungsten filaments encased in a high-temperature quartz glass filled with exotic noble and halogen gases for longevity, halogen bulbs are relatively efficient. EVO lighting has replacement bulbs that range from direct-replacement styles, to whiter versions that mimic more expensive lighting technologies.

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2011 Chevy Silverado
| Posted by | (Blue Springs, MO)

Lights give my dash a fresh new look. Definitely feels a lot cooler to drive.

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