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    ASC and McLaren Tuned Dodge Viper
    ASC and McLaren Tuned Dodge Viper

    Most people know how unique Dodge Viper is. By now there are produced only 24,000 units world-wide. The performance of this “monster” is just excessive. The original model produced in 1992 produced 400 hp and over the years this figure rose to 600hp. The fiberglass body which is much lighter than the metal one, gives this vehicle lighter acceleration that the similar models with “metal jackets”. Any Viper is a really fast vehicle, though there is always room for improvements.

    ASC and McLaren Performance Technologies tuned one of the fastest street-legal cars ever produced. The result of their work is a Viper Diamondback, a carbon-fiber coupe with a tuned motor. This vehicle debuted at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. McLaren Performance Technologies tuned the 8.4-liter, V10 engine resulting in 615hp. 0 to 60 acceleration takes just 3.5 seconds. The reported price of this vehicle is $750,000. If you own this Viper than you will definitely be the King of the snake pit.