Dodge Nitro Hitch Covers

About Dodge Nitro Hitch Covers

The Dodge Nitro is the ultimate off roader. Its high waistline and big wheels give it strong capacity to survive the rough tracks in the wild. It’s also spacious, with the ability to accommodate a couple of six footers comfortably. It has a luxurious ride quality and competent handling. Its cargo area is reasonable. However, you need a trailer for those unique moments when you need to haul some heavy stuff such as a boat to the lake or a bicycle rack to the competition venue. You will need a trailer hitch from CARiD to attach your trailer. CARiD stocks trailer hitches from the most reliable manufacturers. These suppliers are renowned for their high quality out and great service. The store has different types of Dodge Nitro trailer hitches, including weight-carrying trailer hitches and weight-bearing hitches.

Dodge Nitro trailer hitches are easy to install. They are designed to provide specific fitment to specific makes and models of vehicles. No drilling action is required. They are a fully welded construction that bolts right into your vehicle in less than half an hour. The installation process can be done at home or at your local repair shop. All that is required is a set of the right tools and an instruction manual to guide you systematically through the process. Furthermore, CARiD stocks accessories to aid in the installation process. These include balls, mounts, hitches to bolt on and electrical connectors. The manufacturers also provide a limited lifetime warranty to guarantee against defects in quality and workmanship of the products. They also have a black powdered covering to prevent rusting from taking place. You can rest easy knowing that you have a product that can survive in any environment. In addition, manufacturers, through the dealer, stand ready to correct any defects arising under normal usage of the hitch.