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Since 1992, AutoLoc has been a market innovator in the field of power accessories for cars, pickup trucks, and vans, and the company’s success can be attributed to OEM fit and perfect operation. CARiD offers numerous AutoLoc kits starting with those designed to re-hinge your traditional doors to open like Lamborghini. And if you have a 1-piece hard tonneau cover, there’s a kit with power actuators sized to snap right in place of original prop rods.

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    • AutoLoc® Lambo Vertical Door System
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      Lambo Vertical Door System by AutoLoc®. This is a set of weld-on replacement hinges, gas struts, and related hardware that allow your vehicle doors to swing open normally 12-18 inches, then pivot vertically upward the way...
      Includes a set of two reinforced steel hinge assemblies that are zinc-coated for corrosion resistanceKit also includes pressurized gas struts and all hardware necessary for installation, along with helpful instructions
      $124.99from $99.99 - $2,678.90
      # 9663806
    • AutoLoc® Split Hood Kit
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      Split Hood Kit by AutoLoc®. If you’re creating a split-hood look with two sections that open separately, this kit provides 4 hinges, 4 hood pads, and related hardware to create easy swing-open action for both sections. Rugged,...
      Includes 4 quick-release type hinges (2 on each side) that change the operation of your hood from traditional rear-hinge opening to side-hinge openingKit also includes 4 pads to cushion hood corners by the center areas
      $248.75from $199.00 - $1,374.79
      # 46607319
    • AutoLoc® Tilt Hood Kit
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      Tilt Hood Kit by AutoLoc®. Convert your rear-hinged hood to a front-hinged setup for a custom look whenever you’re showing off your engine bay. Rugged, heavy-duty steel construction provides strength and rigidity for brackets and...
      Set of two add-on hinges that reverse the way your hood opens – changing it from rear-hinged to front-hinged operationKit also includes pressurized gas struts and all hardware necessary for installation, along with helpful instructions
      $312.50from $250.00 - $1,214.89
      # 46607363
    • AutoLoc® Billet Button
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      Billet Button by AutoLoc®. Billet Buttons are the high-class button and switching solution. These handsome and elegant buttons feature a sharp billet finish and high-quality.
      Easy to installDetailed instructions
      $19.94from $15.95 - $55.95
      # 9663611
    • AutoLoc® Motor Control Unit
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      Motor Control Unit by AutoLoc®. AutoLoc motor control unit allows you to program 4 run times or distances for any 2 wire 12V reversible motor. Ideal for linear actuators, amp racks, and power window systems.
      Built in relaysWorks all 12V motors
      $93.75from $75.00 - $150.00
      # 9930361
    • AutoLoc® Express Remote Window Kit
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      Express Remote Window Kit by AutoLoc®. One Touch Express kit will allow you to remotely control any two power windows with ease. This kit works on any domestic, import, and after-market power window systems.
      Remote OneTouch express windowsWorks on all power windows
      $193.75from $155.00 - $175.00
      # 9664049
    • AutoLoc® Door Popper Plate
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      Door Popper Plate by AutoLoc®. AutoLoc's New Adjustable Spring Loaded Door Poppers are guaranteed to pop open the heaviest and most stubborn of doors.
      Anti-scratch tipHeavy duty coil springs
      $12.44from $9.95 - $10.00
      # 9663900
    • AutoLoc® FlipKey Remote System and Receiver
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      FlipKey Remote System and Receiver by AutoLoc®. Kit allows you to have total control over your vehicle from the palm of your hand.
      # 1716917
    • AutoLoc® UltraTouch EZ Start Push Button Engine Start System
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      UltraTouch EZ Start Push Button Engine Start System by AutoLoc®. Allows you to easily convert your old caveman keyed ignition into today's hands free engine start system found on luxury vehicles. The push button start has a...
      # 1716080
    • AutoLoc® LED Billet Switch
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      LED Billet Switch by AutoLoc®. Add to your interior for a custom finished look to any where you want to use them. Add a Ignition switch and a accessory switch side-by-side, window control,trunk opening or door locks there are...
      Push button activationGreat for power windows, locks, etc.
      # 9663812
    • AutoLoc® Green Short Sleeve Pinstripe T-Shirt
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      Green Short Sleeve Pinstripe T-Shirt by AutoLoc®. These AutoLoc special edition T-shirts are completely unique and will fill any car enthusiasts wardrobe.
      100% CottonQuality material
      $24.94from $19.95 - $24.95
      # 14816358
    • AutoLoc® 3 Point Black Racing Harness
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      3 Point Black Racing Harness (SB3PXBK) by AutoLoc®. AutoLoc's advance engineered seat belt system uses only the highest quality components to ensure a long life of smooth and safe operation.
      # 1716703
    • AutoLoc® Door Loom
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      Door Loom by AutoLoc®. Hide Those Wires. AutoLoc's Billet Door Loom Kits hides those unsightly wires that run through your your vehicle. Ideal for door jams, trunks, hoods, or anywhere you need to run wires that are visible.
      Material: aluminumHides and protects door wiring
      $50.00from $40.00 - $65.00
      # 9663722
    • AutoLoc® Engine Start Switch with Illumination
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      Engine Start Switch with Illumination by AutoLoc®. Red Illuminated Push Button Start Switch Start your ride with ease! AutoLoc's Push Button Start kit allows you to start your vehicle with a touch of a button. Get the push...
      # 1716093
    • AutoLoc® Kick Down Cable Kit
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      Kick Down Cable Kit by AutoLoc®. AutoLoc's Kick Down Cable Kits deliver smooth, even operation with a state of the art clean looks. This kick down is cable kit mounts to your transmission pan bolts for easy installation.
      $74.94from $59.95 - $89.95
      # 4205

    AutoLoc began with Lambo door kits, and today their hinges remain the best on the market. Advanced CAD/CAM development and sophisticated manufacturing create precise fit, high durability, and smooth operation that one would expect from factory original equipment. Once Lambo kit hinges are bolted on in place of factory original ones, doors swing out normally for 12-18 inches to ensure clearance then rotate upward as they open.

    Whichever re-hinging kit you select, you’ll get reinforced steel hinges that are overbuilt to the point where flexing and door sag are eliminated. Floating brackets and adjustable mounting holes make it easy to align any doors for a perfect fit, and built-in wire looms allow wiring to be re-routed through the rear effortlessly. Should you wish to add power operation to any AutoLoc kits, select a Power Upgrade Kit in the Product Options field. Power actuators have been designed with heavy-duty motors and gearing to ensure movement is visually smooth and steady without hop or bounce.

    • AutoLoc® - Chevy Colorado
    • AutoLoc® - Chevy Bel Air
    • AutoLoc® - Nissan 350z Lambo Doors
    • AutoLoc® - Hot Rod
    • AutoLoc® - Chevy Avalanche
    • AutoLoc® - Infinity Lambo Doors
    • AutoLoc® - Hot Rod Pick Up
    • AutoLoc® - Chevy Camaro Lambo Doors
    • AutoLoc® - Hot Rod
    • AutoLoc® - Chrysler 300c Lambo Doors
    • AutoLoc® - Muscle Car
    • AutoLoc® - Chevy Corvette

    Side door kits aren’t the only way Autoloc offers to customize your vehicle. The Tilt Hood Kit lets you convert your rear-hinged hood to a front-hinged setup for a custom look when it’s show time. And if you’re installing a custom-designed two-piece hood or making a unique cut pattern into your original one, AutoLoc’s Split Hood Kit gives you reliable hardware to hinge both sections properly from the sides. Cushioning pads beneath hold-down latches allow hood panels to be tightly secured – eliminating the annoying vibration and rattles that can damage paint and metal.

    AutoLoc also offers other useful accessories such as the Deadloc kit which consists of two metal plates and moving rods that deadbolt any doors in the closed position to prevent unwanted intrusion. For those looking to upgrade the look of ungainly OEM hinges or build a custom trunk system around bulky equipment, the Universal Trunk Hinge kit provides two stylish J-shaped hinges in chrome or black chrome finish. And for those with vehicles equipped with programmable air suspension systems, the Air Genie remote control provides an enhanced level of control and better management of all functions your system is capable of.

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