Audi A7 Steering Wheels

    About Audi A7 Steering Wheels

    When you choose such a stylish and powerful vehicle as the Audi A7, it means you are an admirer of perfect quality and refined style. And then, you may not be satisfied with the standard interior and wish to change something, add a touch of your own personality to the details of your car’s interior. Installation of a custom Audi A7 steering wheel is the most obvious and game-changing decision. A new steering wheel produced according to your individual taste and demands may virtually become an extension of your arms, making driving an even more exciting experience.

    The Audi A7 steering wheels should be produced only by the best manufacturers offering an non-compromised quality and the best materials. This is why at you will find such a names as B&I and Sherwood, that are the renowned leaders in production of custom interior elements. For complete interior customization, it is great to install a new steering wheel together with a matching custom dash kit. Your steering wheel core can be used for production of a premium leather and wood, all-leather or all-wood steering wheel. You can also combine leather with a stylish and bright sport finish. But whatever finish you choose, you will get a high-quality product which feels and looks even better than the factory unit!

    Audi A7 was available in the following models:
    Base • Elite • Luxury • S Line • TDI • TDI Premium Plus • TDI Prestige • Premium Plus • Prestige