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The Audi A3 is one of the most popular family cars on the market, effortlessly combining space, comfort and performance in both 3 and 5 door versions. The true benefits of the A3 are realized when the car is out on the open road with the sun roof and windows open to sample the sights and sounds of your surroundings. The problem is, these ideal driving conditions are often hard to achieve due to the ever-changing weather – if the wind is not creating a deafening noise then the rain is preventing you from opening up the windows. Fortunately there is a solution – wind deflectors.

Also known as rain guards, our wind deflectors are custom made and sleekly designed to be completing aerodynamic. With easy fitting the deflectors can eliminate wind noise from open windows and prevent rain from entering the car. Wind deflectors are also useful when the car is parked, allowing you to keep windows slightly open, thus keeping the car cool in warm weather conditions. With options available for all styles of A3, lengthy warranties and superior workmanship, wind deflectors are the perfect solution for cooler driving in changing conditions.

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    With a rain guard in place, the car can be ventilated when parked, without any worries about changes in the weather. If they function well for this purpose is very much dependent on the vehicle they are mounted on, and the way the air streams around the particular vehicle. If this is the way you intend to use the guards, try to find someone with wind deflectors...
    You don’t realize how effective rain guards are until you experience them, and once you have them on your car or truck you wonder how you got along without them. Wind deflectors can be installed in the window channel or they can be taped to the body. Your preference depends on how much you like the way a particular wind deflector looks on your car or truck.
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