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    Although Acura has been heralded for churning out some of the game's biggest newsmakers, it has only been recently that the brand has enjoyed the warm embrace of custom grills. And as each year passes, the list of options continues to grow. Acura is well-known for their rides bringing both luxury and sport to the table. Why should their grilles be any different? welcomes you into the fold with our selection of Acura Grills that light up the front of your model. Here is where you'll find the perfect billet and mesh compliments that make the picture whole, courtesy of E&G Classics®, Grillcraft, and more. Feel comfortable. Step up the style. A world of redefining Acura Grills are finally within your reach!

    Acura Grills come in the perfect fitments and designs that demand ultimate respect. What makes your ride so endearing is its nonstop stylish appearance. But for too long, the front has been neglected. Now more than ever before, the choices are at your disposal. will walk you through every step. Don't sweat the details. We'll take care of the rest!

    Whether you're cruising around the neighborhood or speeding up on the highway, a proper billet grille is the front-end accessory which makes you noticeable. Attention-grabbing and bold, billet grilles promise extraordinary look and exquisite style that instantly separate you from the crowd. They are manufactured from stellar materials, such as everlasting stainless steel and aluminum, using technologies of tomorrow to ensure precise fit and timeless service. Compare over 17 billet grille reviews with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, and define the accessory that offers the style and quality you need.

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    Say that you want a black grille. What is right for you? The advice is to go for grille surfaces in durable materials and to stay away from finishes that are overly sensitive to chemicals that are common in the automotive world. ABS plastic, chrome and stainless steel – polished or chromed, are always safe bets. If you choose a painted grille, make sure that the paint is of good quality, and preferably powder coat.

    Customer Reviews
    2011 Acura TL
    Posted by

    "I could not be happier with the painted surround. The wire mesh is an added bonus as well. I bought the grille for the sole purpose of getting rid of the ugly factory satin metal finish 'beak' that plagued the front of my otherwise beautiful Acura TL. I am glad I did, as it makes the front end look a lot better."

    2006 Acura RSX
    Posted by

    "Very great product! Perfect fitting... I just put the grill on my bumper and it fits right there without any free space between the grill and bumper! Good quality and great black finish too! "

    2012 Acura TL
    Posted by

    "Just had the grill installed. It's high quality and seems like it will last. Was done by a body shop (was a good idea, since it is quite involved (took almost 3 hours), but very manageable). Looks great! One of the managers of a local Acura Dealership happened to be there and was amazed at what it did for the car. The difference versus the original grill is amazing."

    2007 Acura MDX
    Posted by

    "This grille is well constructed with a beautiful look of luxury. The installation required a couple of small modifications from my local body shop to fit my 08 MDX but she smiles real pretty now!"

    2009 Acura TL
    Posted by

    "I had several questions on the install and called E&G Classics. They were extremely courteous and very helpful. The suggestions we discussed worked perfect and the grille is so much more attractive than the stock piece, there is no comparison. The grille is very well built."