1999 BMW 5-Series Performance Chips

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      BMW 528i / 540i 1999, Computer Chip by JET®. Computer Upgrade Kit. The JET Performance Import Computer Upgrade Package is the solution to performance tuning import and domestic sport compact vehicles. Import computers do not have computer chips...
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    Customer Reviews
    2010 Ford Mustang
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    "This Superchips programmer is a must have. It gave my car nearly 30 more HP and torque. I did also add a K&N cold air intake to go along with the programmer. I can tell the difference in speed, and my MPG is at about 20 mpg, which is a 4-5 mpg gain from what I initially had. Just a final note, don't fall for those scams that say you can increase horsepower up to 50+ for a low cheap price, they don't work. If you want true gains, it will cost more than 100 bucks. But overall, this is my second CAI and Superchips combo, and I am completely satisfied."

    2006 Chevy Silverado
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    "The ease of installation was better than what I had anticipated. The programmer housing was an exact match to my dashboard, and the appearance of the unit looked factory installed. I have only had the programmer for a short while, but enjoy the fuel savings already."

    2011 Nissan Pathfinder
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    "I have a Pathfinder V6-4.0L. The gas mileage was at 8 miles per gal. It was blowing more gas out the tail pipe than it was burning. Somehow my computer had got out of calibration. So, I bought the Hypertech to reset the computer. The product was very easy to use. It's very simple, just plug in and follow instructions. I completed my computer reset in 10 min. I took my Pathfinder out for a test run. To my surprise, it ran great and shifted out at 6,000 rpms in every gear. It was very fast and smooth. I get 19 miles per gal now under normal driving conditions. Between 55 and 60 miles per hour. This is an excellent product and worth every penny I paid for it. There is a 5-star rating, but I give it a 10. If you have a truck or car and want better gas mileage and passing power, buy it. Find the right Hypertech programmer for your vehicle. Billy M. England"

    2009 Mercury Milan
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    "I installed this on my 2007 Mercury Milan V6, and the difference is incredible. It took 5 minutes to install and program to my car, and my car feels like a completely different car. I would highly recommend getting this to push your car that extra mile in performance."

    2009 Chrysler 300
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    "All in all, the Superchip's Vivid Linq is good but limited on choices for programming. I really like the Bluetooth feature as I have a Galaxy Note II (huge screen). Even though you can use any Android device i.e. tablets, I just didn't like the limitations on the parameters for adjustments. Nice set up just not enough for me to keep it..."