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Firing the Finest Rides in America Since 1923

Taylor Cable also operates under the name of TaylorVertex. Taylor has been operating since 1923, leading the industry in ignition wires, battery cables, and other electrical and ignition components. They acquired Vertex Magnetos in 1994, and recently launched Percy’s, a brand by racers for racers. Taylor’s constant innovation and dedication to quality production here in the USA means that street drivers and racers alike are able to rely on Taylor products.

Most wires in your car carry 12-14 volts, no big deal; household wiring is ten times that. But ignition wiring voltages can get as high as 40-50,000 volts. The energy carried from the coil has to bridge a substantial gap across the spark plug gap, and that’s at Top Dead Center on the compression stroke, when the pressure is ten times atmospheric.

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You can choose from a dizzying number of styles of wire, from near-direct replacement 8mm wires to race-ready 10.4mm monster wires that will fire a spark plug still in the box. Although Taylor is best-known for ignition wires, they’ve branched out over the years, with a highly race-oriented line of low-voltage electrical parts and accessories, like NHRA race-legal battery boxes and relocation kits, Vertex brand magnetos, replacement distributors, and Percy’s line of problem-solving gaskets, carburetor products, header fasteners and the innovative WheelRite.

Once you’ve figured out how to use two or three separate layers of silicone rubber to insulate the actual wire down the middle, you need to make sure it all goes to the plug, so the connections at both ends have to be perfect. They use an exotic mix of spiral-wound fibers impregnated with conductive material. It’s not to make things difficult, it’s to provide some resistance, just a modest amount to damp out any stray high-frequency current in the wire to keep it from making buzzes in the radio or making the onboard computers reboot every time you change gears.

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1995 Chevy Impala
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Didn't get to use it yet. Very nice looking wires though.

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