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The Edelbrock High Flow Fuel Filters are some of the products featured within our elite collection of quality Smart Car fuel delivery parts on our site. You are going to achieve even the wildest performance needs you might have. They are designed for high volume fuel systems since they clean all the engine killing dirt from the fuel. The filtration media is made from quickly replaceable 40 micron disc filter element for enhanced performance and superior engine protection. They are further housed within a CNC machined Premium billet aluminum casing that incorporates a rare blend of strength, resilience and notable style. They enhance the fuel flow and filtration capacity with an extensive area measuring 3 inches in length and 11/4 inches in diameter. For enhanced flow they also feature a –6AN male inlet and –6 AN male outlet. They are perfect for pump to carburetor fuel line kits for a complete plumbing and maintenance solution. You will also get all the simple tools necessary for a stress free installation along with a set of very detailed instructions. They are further backed by a 1 year warranty from Edelbrock, which covers a wide range of possible damages and defects.

You will also find the Spectra Premium/Fuel Tank in our collection of Smart Car fuel delivery parts. These tanks are made using the latest technologies to reinforce their ability to store fuel. They are constructed using the Ni Terne steel for exceptional sturdiness and long lasting durability. They are further coated with a lead and tin finish further enhancing their protection against corrosion or rust. To ensure that they don’t leak and that they fit perfectly into your car they are test fitted extensively after production. They are further backed by a 3 year limited warranty.

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