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The factory seats in the average car are made to keep you comfy while droning down the interstate, nothing more. Even though many sports models have some degree of lateral support, you’ll still find yourself sliding all over if you push it in the turns. The steering wheel is for steering, it’s not a handle to hold onto when things get hairy. When the g-forces get turned up you need a proper racing seat to keep you comfortably in position and in control.

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When you’re driving at speed, on the street but especially at the race track, you need to remain stationary behind the wheel, so that all the controls are readily at hand and your instruments are in clear view. And this isn’t possible if you’re sliding around in your seat through every turn. Racing seats are designed with ample side bolsters at your hips and shoulders to keep you in place and in control, regardless of the speed or direction.

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Besides the lateral support provided by the side bolsters, racing seats are also shaped to keep you in a comfortable, upright driving position. And because weight is the enemy of speed, racing seats are also designed to be as light as possible, so your engine won’t have to push excess pounds around the track. Perhaps most importantly, racing seats are designed to enable the mounting of racing harnesses. A 5-point racing harness restrains the torso with belts over each shoulder, and prevents the driver from “submarining”, slipping forward under the lap belt in the event of a crash.

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We aim to provide our customers with the finest Racing Seats the industry can offer, which is why we accept no compromise when it comes to the quality. Created by the most reputable names in the industry, such as Cipher Auto, Sparco, OMP, SEIBON, Rugged Ridge, AutoLoc, Smittybilt, Bestop, Spec-D, RhinoPac the Racing Seats we've gathered for you feature precise design and everlasting durability.

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Browse our huge selection of racing seats and we’re confident that you’ll find a style with features and colors that are just right for your racer. But even the best racing seat is worthless if it doesn’t fit right and it’s not secure. We offer seat brackets for specific applications to ensure your seats are positioned properly in your car and you get the best support, easiest installation, and a solid foundation for a comfortable driving position. With our seat brackets, there’s no need for the time consuming fabrication that’s usually necessary with “universal” seat brackets.

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We want to be your one-stop racing seat headquarters, so we also offer 3, 4, and 5-point racing harnesses and racing harness bars. The racing bar attaches to the vehicle’s B-pillar and provides the attachment point for the shoulder harnesses, on vehicles that don’t have a roll cage. Most organized racing sanctioning bodies require a 5-point harness. The harness we offer features a central quick release lock that releases all the belts with a turn of the lock. This harness will keep you securely in the seat while racing and help prevent injury in an accident, but also allow you to get out of the car quickly if necessary.

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Ever since the invention of the automobile, there have been drivers who have sought to get the most performance from their vehicles, using every bit of power and cornering ability they could wring out of them. In the olden days, it was a major struggle for drivers to keep from falling out of their seats. While vehicle performance and handling both have increased a...
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1999 Chevy Corvette | Posted by David W | (Las Vegas, NV)

The product was as pictured on the net was easy to install. The people that I ordered it from was knowledgeable and very helpful.

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