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Optima Batteries are part of the Johnson Controls worldwide empire. JC is a major player in automotive electronics, interiors and seating, as well as prominent in industrial applications like HVAC, sustainability and security. Optima batteries have become the best solution for high-performance batteries for vehicles, whether needed to deliver the highest cranking amps, the most power, or the maximum number of deep-discharge cycles.

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    Showing 1-15 of 26 Products

    Conventional lead-acid flooded-cell batteries are a technology that’s more than a century old, and on a price-performance ration, they’re hard to beat. On the other hand, they have disadvantages: they need distilled water added regularly, they don’t tolerate being deep-discharged, and are liable to spill or leak acid in the case of a rollover or accident. Optima batteries use basically the same lead-acid chemistry, but are a major improvement over wet batteries.

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    There’s no liquid sulfuric acid electrolyte in an Optima Battery. Rather than leaving the lead plates in liquid that can splash and spill, the optima’s electrodes are separated by a fibrous mat, and the electrolyte is simply soaked into it. With no liquid aboard, the battery can’t ever leak or spill. The advantage of this AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) style of construction is mechanical: the plates aren’t floating free, and are actually pressed against each other, locking them together. That means they can be made of purer (99.99%), softer lead that has less electrical resistance.

    Because the electrolyte is trapped in the mat, hydrogen and oxygen generated by charging the battery are recombined into water, meaning an Optima battery doesn’t need water, ever. It’s sealed to keep those gases inside, preventing the escape of potentially explosive hydrogen. So you don’t need to worry about battery explosions like you should with a conventional battery.

    • Optima® - YellowTop™ Car Battery Installed
    • Optima® - YellowTop™ Car Battery Installed
    • Optima® - YellowTop™ Car Battery Installed
    • Optima® - YellowTop™ Car Battery Installed
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    • Optima® - Car Battery Installed in Chevy Camaro
    • Optima® - Car Battery Installed in Ford Boss 351
    • Optima® - Car Battery Instaleld in Pontiac GTO
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    • Optima® - Car Battery Installed in Chevy Camaro
    • Optima® - Car Batteries on SEMA Show
    • Optima® - Car Batteries on SEMA Show

    Because the lead plates are so flexible and thin, Optima can use its exclusive Spiralcell technology. Instead of stacking plates up like a deck of cards, the two electrodes are wound up like a jelly roll, giving the Optima its unusual 6-pack appearance. Tight tolerances in winding the roll and manufacturing the case means the jelly roll can be a precise fit for the inside of the case, eliminating vibration or extra parts to prevent it. Optima batteries’ precision-molded cylindrical cases are made to such tight tolerances that only virgin polypropylene can be used.

    The extremely pure lead used has two other advantages: the most obvious is a lower internal resistance because no alloying metals are needed for strength. This means a much lower internal resistance and a higher cranking capacity under high-load demands. Purer lead also means a very low self-discharge rate, meaning a battery that’s charged before its stores will keep its charge for many months, far longer than a conventional flooded-cell battery.

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    1998 Ford Crown Victoria
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    I really liked the product. It was exactly what the image showed. I will keep buying product from this website.

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