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    Nissan 370Z with Schmidt Revolution Tuning Package
    Nissan 370Z with Schmidt Revolution Tuning Package

    Schmidt Revolution Company has developed a tuning package for Nissan 370Z. It includes a set of new wheels, adjustable suspension and brand new stainless steel exhaust system. Schmidt Revolution offers 2 sets of wheels to choose from. The first option includes 3-piece 20 inch C-Line wheels fitted with Hankook tires: front 245/30-20, rear 305/25-20, $ 7,200 per set. The second option includes 21 inch wheels with 245/30-21 front tires and 295/25-21 rear tires, this set costs $ 8,600. Both sets come with wheels produced with the Radinox technology offering maximum protection against damage.

    Further improvement of the Nissan 370Z Roadster, includes the installation of the new adjustable H&R shock absorbers, which pull 370Z lower to the ground and the new stainless steel exhaust system, which produces deep throaty roar. System of adjustable shock absorbers is available for $ 1,600, and the exhaust system increases overall cost by $ 6,500.

    The engine remained untouched, still 370Z owners will be satisfied with factory installed 3.7-liter DOHC V6 producing 332hps. This engine has 26hp more than the previous VQ35 powertrain. The engine is fitted with either 7-speed DownshiftRev Matching gearbox, or with 6-speed manual SynchroRev Match transmission.

    Nissan 370Z Hybrid Could Put a Fun Back into Green Vehicles
    Nissan 370Z Hybrid Could Put a Fun Back into Green Vehicles

    Nissan is positioning itself as a world leader in hybrids and electric cars, but unlike other automakers working in the eco-friendly segment, the Japanese company is saying resolute no to boring hybrids.

    Thus, the Infiniti M35h hybrid sedan, which puts out 350 horsepower and a combined mileage of 30 mpg, proves that performance and efficiency can perfectly blend. Last summer Nissan confirmed that the company will use technology from the Leaf to create an all-electric sports car. There was also talk of a hybrid performance Nissan and from this point of view, the 370z sports coupe is a likely contender for getting Infiniti’s hybrid drivetrain. The Nissan 370z has a 3.7-liter, 332-hp V6 engine, which is a bigger version of the 3.5-liter V6 under the hood of the M35h. The 370z boasts respectable horsepower and torque, there’s only one thing left - better fuel economy, which we believe should not be a problem for Nissan.

    If the 370z hybrid vehicle is not a fiction (and it’s not, if all the reports in the press are to be believed), then taking to account ESFLOW electric sports car concept and rumors of a hybrid GT-R super car, Nissan is close to reinventing the image of hybrid vehicles and making it appealing to deep-rooted performance devotees.