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People like talking about vehicles, especially when it comes to high-performance race or sports cars. And here the topic of turbochargers and superchargers usually comes up. They can considerably boost your engine's output without greatly increasing its weight, which is the ultimate benefit. When talking about the top-quality, made-in-the-USA superchargers, it would be unfair not to mention the most respected and admired company, Magnuson Products, LLC.

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    Showing 1-15 of 131 Products

    Magnuson Products is recognized as the undeniable industry leader. Just a few aftermarket manufacturers have the technical expertise to create products for OEMs, whereas Magnuson has a comprehensive record of building superchargers for the world’s most prestigious automotive brands. It is pretty easy to explain such a strong devotion of customers to the company's products. Well, the fact of the matter is that each and every Magnuson’s supercharger is the result of more than 30 years of system designing experience, along with state-of-the-art engineering, fabrication, and computer design technology.

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    The company was founded by Jerry Magnuson in 1970, and since that fateful moment, MagnaCharger superchargers are the industry’s most advanced Roots style, 'intercooled' forced induction systems. Still, while providing large increases in power and torque, the upgrades never affect engine longevity and reliability. When it comes to the durability of the product itself, there must not be any doubts. To build superchargers of excellent quality and strength, Magnuson utilizes multiple advanced technologies, including equal-length intake runners, aluminum manifold plenums and drive assemblies, etc.

    All superchargers by Magnuson incorporate a specially created bypass valve, which is put into motion by a vacuum motor near the throttle body, and recirculates the supercharger air flow when the boost is not needed. During normal driving conditions, the car's engine is under boost for nearly 5% of the time, which means that the remaining 95% of the time the part is under vacuum, allowing for a quieter ride and better fuel economy. What is more, the helix angled rotors, together with the specially designed inlet and outlet port geometry, also damp out pressure variations resulting in a lower level of noise.

    • MagnaCharger® - Supercharger Kit
    • MagnaCharger® - Supercharger Kit
    • MagnaCharger® - Supercharger Kit
    • MagnaCharger® - Supercharger Kit
    • MagnaCharger® - Supercharger Kit
    • MagnaCharger® - Supercharger Kit
    • MagnaCharger® - Supercharger Kit
    • MagnaCharger® - Supercharger Kit
    • MagnaCharger® - Supercharger Kit
    • MagnaCharger® - Supercharger Kit
    • MagnaCharger® - Supercharger Kit

    All Magnuson superchargers are manufactured and calibrated to OEM standards in order to ensure they are running like factory installed components. The calibrations are so precise that most supercharger kits carry a CARB (California Air Resource Board) EO (Executive Order) number and are 50-state emissions legal for on-road use. All that is achieved thanks to powertrain integration, which is recalibration of the engine and transmission control programs to operate with the altered induction path and boost pressure of the supercharger.

    When looking at purchasing a supercharger, most drivers make a huge mistake by being concerned only with impressive horsepower numbers. In fact, people hardly ever drive at the peak power range, so it would be wiser to direct attention to the quality and efficiency of the supercharger as well. The MagnaCharger systems offer the perfect balance of high-end horsepower, great style, and unbeatable reliability. Backed by a 36,000 mile or 3-year warranty, this supercharger is designed to be virtually maintenance-free, so you don’t have to worry about anything once it is installed on your vehicle. By the way, the installation process is not that difficult or expensive since the MagnaCharger kits come complete with all necessary components.

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    2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
    | Posted by | (Bellingham, WA)

    Amazing product. I am completely happy with the product, the performance, the installation instructions, the kit, and the support and service by CARiD. No engine problems and vehicle accelerates like its going downhill still.

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