Lexus Exhaust Tips

Thinking of upgrading the exhaust system on your Lexus for greater power? Do so with one of the Lexus exhaust systems at CARiD. They are built for performance and work by increasing exhaust flow. This opens up the passageways for unwanted gases to escape from the engine cylinders, and creates room for clean air to flow in, leading to increases in horsepower and torque. The typical Lexus exhaust system at CARiD is constructed from stainless steel and coated using chrome-plate or ceramic. This automatically makes it hardwearing and durable, and it can withstand all kinds of harsh weather and road conditions. It also means the exhaust system will last a good number of years without wear. To support this, manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty with each exhaust system, which is proof of their support for the entire period you own the Lexus.

Perhaps you’ve already installed a direct replacement exhaust system, but now want to get rid of the stock cat. The direct fit catalytic converters at CARiD allow you to do so within legal limits. Each of the custom-built cats for Lexus at CARiD is engineered for power boosts and is designed to maximize the flow of exhaust gases for greater efficiency. Go for a header and muffler if you want to beat every other car in the class for muscle. Like the custom catalytic converters, these two components are optimized for power and operate by increasing exhaust flow. Lexus exhaust systems also give a strong boom, indicative of the power within the Lexus engine. It’s a sound you don’t get from the stock exhaust and one that will last for as long as you use the exhaust.