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A Decade of Innovation

Injen Technology Co. Ltd is a living example of the American dream. Established in 1998, Injen absorbed all the experience and knowledge of its sister company RD Metal Works. Since the mid 90's, RD Metal Works has been manufacturing top-of-the-line air intake kits for major air filter and air intake manufacturers. To deliver products that are second to none, Injen uses only the most reliable techniques and the most advanced equipment.

The first air filter was designed by Injen in the faraway 1999. It was a urethane filter with a built-in velocity stack. That simple feature added a lot more to the performance of the filter. And that's how Injen works. They improve on the best down to the last detail. Injen is determined to deliver top-quality performance filters that have no equals when it comes to filtration and airflow efficiency, dust-holding capacity, and service life.

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When a new filter is developed, the engineers calculate its pleat and mesh, ensuring optimum airflow. To make sure each filter offers superb filtration efficiency, Injen uses the finest cotton gauze as the filtering media. To prevent heat soak, the top and base of each filter are made of urethane. Injen high performance filters are designed to remain effective for 30,000-40,000 miles between cleanings. Best yet. Your Injen filter will serve you long. customers know that for sure.->

It's no secret that some things simply work better. Take for example your exhaust system. An aftermarket exhaust offered by Injen is one of those things that are better, yet we consistently insist on making life complicated. We stick to the original parts, even though the restrictive design of the OEM exhaust will hardly let your vehicle perform to the best. Those who already have an Injen exhaust system know how dramatically it can improve the performance.

Injen Technology's Super SES exhaust systems are dyno-tuned with their intakes to deliver maximum gains in horsepower and torque. Each SES exhaust system is made from 304 stainless steel to ensure long service life. All the tubing is mandrel bent to make sure the inside diameter remains constant. And don't forget that Injen designs exhaust systems for each specific application so that the fit is just perfect.

When the solution is simple, God is answering. With the diverse line-up of Injen air intakes, the solution for improvement of your vehicle's performance is simpler than ever. Whether you need the most powerful intake out there to let your heavy-duty truck breathe freely, or want to improve performance of your daily driver, the company has something to offer. All the Injen intakes have one thing in common - the quality. Injen air intake reviews.->

Injen products are no doubt what every driver needs. Whether it is an air filter, or an air intake, or whatever concerning the exhaust system. Injen and its sister company RD Metal Works serve for nothing but the quality, taking into consideration design capabilities, too. Injen intakes met a strong favor from both American and Canadian customers as producing intakes for trucks, SUVs, and high performance automotive. The “World's First Tuned” and “Power Flow” air intakes were set off and soon accepted by consumers for the most innovative production technologies. New industry standards brought the Injen product lines a number of international awards.

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2001 Honda Civic
| Posted by | (Elk Grove, CA)

I opened the package and it came with all the parts neatly organized. I was able to install it myself not knowing anything besides what I learned off of one YouTube video and the instructions Injen sent in the box. I've had it installed for about a month now and I couldn't be happier. My Civic runs so much smoother and I notice a difference in power and fuel economy.

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