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    The Honda CR-X is a compact sport vehicle which was manufactured by Honda between 1983 and 1991, and in 1992 it was replaced by the Honda CR-X del Sor. There are a lot of different variations about the meaning of acronym CR-X, but the most popular are «Civic Renaissance Model X», «Civic Racing eXperimental» and «Compact Renaissance X». This model has three generations, and the manufacturing of the last generation ended in 1997. Its main characteristics are good performance, nimble handling, and great fuel economy. Nowadays this vehicle is popular for motorsport events, such as autocross, drag and road racing.

    Sometimes we get problems even with vehicles of famous brands. The widespread problem, which the motorist can get with his/her vehicle, is a lighting problem. If you noticed that lighting of your Honda CR-X runs badly, or broke down at all, do not waste your time thinking what to do. Contact CARiD, and we will help you to fix up your problem. You will easily find all needed lighting parts for your CR-X on our website because we have a full assortment of lighting parts for this model. We work only with the best automotive manufacturers. Don’t hesitate and make your order just in the one click!

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    2011 Niagara CRX Meet: Honda CRX Is Still Going Strong
    2011 Niagara CRX Meet: Honda CRX Is Still Going Strong

    The very first Niagara CRX meet took place in Canada back in June of '98. What started with a handful of participants, attracts big crowds today, with over 150 CRXs in attendance. This year, the 17th Niagara CRX event was held at beautiful Sherkston Shores Campground resort during July 15-17.

    The meeting kicked off at the drag strip Friday night. The next day was the main event, which began at 11am, and lasted throughout the day. At the end of the day, awards were handed out to the CRX enthusiasts and all headed to the local beaches for a CRX photo shoot and party. With camping fee of $40, the 2011 Niagara CRX Meet gathered about 70 CRX owners. The focus of the event is on meeting new people and developing long-term friendships between CRX fans. Unless bad weather steps in, the attendance of the CRX meet increases every year. If you’re a CRX fanatic, this is a good place to show off your pride, communicate with other owners, and make useful contacts. Check your local CRX forum for details on the next meet.