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For more than 45 years, Hayden Automotive has been a leader in automotive, truck, and performance cooling parts. Headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, Hayden designs, manufactures, and supplies a whole variety of products engineered to keep any car, truck, or performance vehicle running cool. From fan clutches and fan blades to transmission and engine oil coolers, Hayden has everything vehicle owners need to protect their vehicle from damaging heat.

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    • Hayden® 16" Super Duty Reversible Fan Kit
      (0 reviews)
      Universal 16" Super Duty Reversible Fan Kit by Hayden®. This product is designed to provide outstanding cooling as well as complement other high-performance cooling accessories. Featuring reversible push/pull blades and powerful...
      Reversible push/pull operationQuiet, high flow “S” blade design
      # 22252042
    • Hayden® The Dawg™ Remote Transmission Oil Cooling System
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      Universal The Dawg™ Remote Transmission Oil Cooling System by Hayden®. This product is the perfect transmission cooling system when space is a limitation and "RAM air" is not readily available. This cooling system can be manually...
      Keeps your transmission cool under extreme conditionsIncreases transmission life
      $126.41from $101.13 - $118.33
      # 22190782
    • Hayden® Severe Duty Electronic Fan Clutch
      (0 reviews)
      Severe Duty Electronic Fan Clutch by Hayden®. Replace your worn-out electronic fan clutch with this part by Hayden. Manufactured specifically for your vehicle, this electronic fan clutch provides the potential to control the level...
      $59.71from $47.77 - $255.49
      # 5698
    • Hayden® Non-Thermal Fan Clutch
      (0 reviews)
      Non-Thermal Fan Clutch by Hayden®. Prevent your engine from overheating with this product. Designed specifically for your vehicle, this nonthermal fan clutch performs well, spinning at around 3060% of the water pump speed. Plus, it...
      $33.78from $27.02 - $27.51
      # 5695
    • Hayden® Thermal Fan Clutch
      (0 reviews)
      Thermal Fan Clutch by Hayden®. If you need to replace your failed fan clutch, this premium part is the way to go. Designed specifically for your vehicle, this thermal fan clutch provides better cooling and efficiently controls the...
      $33.45from $26.76 - $269.87
      # 5703
    • Hayden® Swirl-Cool™ Power Steering Oil Cooler
      (0 reviews)
      Swirl-Cool™ Power Steering Oil Cooler by Hayden®. This product is designed to remove destructive heat generated within the power steering system and prolong the life of the system’s pump, hoses, fluid, and seals. Available for...
      $29.88from $23.90 - $28.65
      # 5700
    • Hayden® High Performance Transmission Oil Cooler Kit
      (0 reviews)
      High Performance Transmission Oil Cooler Kit by Hayden®. Featuring a lightweight aluminum construction, this high performance transmission oil cooler is designed to provide outstanding cooling, as well as complement other high...
      $48.46from $38.77 - $45.83
      # 5694
    • Hayden® Fan Clutch Blade
      (0 reviews)
      Fan Clutch Blade by Hayden®. Replace your broken or damaged fan blades with this quality product. Designed to be used with standard duty fan clutches, the blades will restore proper performance of the fan, preventing engine...
      $48.15from $38.52 - $43.29
      # 5692
    • Hayden® Idler / Tensioner Pulley
      (0 reviews)
      Idler / Tensioner Pulley by Hayden®. This part is designed to route the drive belt and keep it tight. If the pulley goes bad, it can cause problems with cooling, charging, steering, and climate control. Replace a faulty pulley with...
      $19.25from $15.40 - $29.38
      # 5688
    • Hayden® Automatic Belt Tensioner
      (0 reviews)
      Automatic Belt Tensioner by Hayden®. This part is designed to maintain constant tension on the serpentine belt to extend both belt and accessory drive bearing life. The Hayden belt tensioner features OE quality to ensure long...
      $33.91from $27.13 - $141.02
      # 5687
    • Hayden® Idler Assembly
      (0 reviews)
      Idler Assembly by Hayden®. Replace your old or degraded idler assembly with this product. Every part in this assembly is constructed to fit and function the same way or better than the factory components. It is made of premium...
      $28.51from $22.81 - $28.80
      # 5689
    • Hayden® Dual Electric Fan Kit
      (0 reviews)
      Universal Dual Electric Fan Kit by Hayden®, Airflow Through Radiator (CFM) 2350, AMP Draw: 16.6, Free Airflow (CFM) 1600, 12 V dual fan kit contains two, twelve inch thin line fans on an adjustable bracket. Typical applicaton is...
      # 2929645
    • Hayden® Ultra-Cool™ Engine Oil Cooler Kit
      (1 reviews)
      Universal Ultra-Cool™ Engine Oil Cooler Kit by Hayden®, Length 12-1/2", Thickness 3/4", Description: Replacement cooler for 459 & 462 Oil Cooler Kits, Fitting Size 1/2" Push-on, Height 7-1/2". Hayden Automotive engineers,...
      # 2929609
    • Hayden® Ultra-Cool™ Reversible Fan
      (0 reviews)
      Universal Ultra-Cool™ Reversible Fan by Hayden®. This product is designed to improve the efficiency of your cooling system. Featuring an ultra-low profile, this fan provides the highest airflow output and can be installed either...
      Ultra-low profile (2.6")Two-speed 130/270 Watt motor
      $144.40from $115.52 - $124.47
      # 22258554
    • Hayden® Rapid-Cool™ Heavy Duty Oil Cooler
      (1 reviews)
      Universal Rapid-Cool™ Heavy Duty Oil Cooler by Hayden®. This product is perfect for transmission and engine oil cooling applications that require a higher flow range and increased heat transfer capacity in a compact space. The...
      Plate and fin designPatented internal turbulation for increased heat transfer and minimal pressure drop
      $86.84from $69.47 - $119.45
      # 22188605

    Being the part of Four Seasons Division/Standard Motor Products, Inc., Hayden Automotive belongs to a large family of companies, providing a complete line of parts to OE and aftermarket manufacturers. Hayden supplies products through major retailers, as well as automotive and heavy-duty parts distributors. Whether you are searching for a replacement fan blade or performance electric fan, Hayden Automotive has you covered.

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    Hayden strictly controls the quality of everything it sells. Continuous investment in technology allows the company to make products with the highest quality, durability, and coverage. Hayden also invests time and effort in developing sophisticated testing and validation systems. Quality control includes mapping OE performance, adhering to strict vehicle requirements, and testing each product under normal and extreme driving conditions. Hayden commitment to quality includes both TS16949 and ISO2001 certifications.

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    | Posted by Barry | (Wilkesboro, NC)

    I bought this product based on its specifications, form, appearance, mounting method, and a confidence in an old brand name. The ordering, shipping, and receiving of the item all went very well. The cooler arrived in excellent condition and appears to meet all the criteria I have for its use. It fits where I need it to fit, in the way it needs to fit, and right now is temporarily covered in cardboard to protect it while I get it and the engine coolant radiator positioned and fabricate the permanent mounts for both. Once I have it mounted, plumbed, and the engine running I will update this to reflect my experiences, and again once the race car has had some track time and I have collected some data from those runs. So far, very pleased.

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