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When most people think of performance they think of more horsepower and faster speed. Unfortunately, one of the by-products of pulling more power from your engine and pushing your car harder on the road and the track, is more heat. Unless this heat is effectively removed, your engine can be reduced to a steaming lump of scrap metal. Along with performance parts for the fuel exhaust, and ignition, you need performance cooling system parts and we have them.


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The cooling system transfers heat from the engine to the coolant, which then dissipates it to the surrounding air in the radiator. High performance engines create more heat than the stock cooling system can handle, so you need components with increased capacity and heat transfer capability. Our performance aluminum radiators have more coolant capacity, with thicker cores and more rows, and increased fin count, for better heat transfer.

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When a performance radiator with larger diameter tubes is installed, coolant flow must also be increased to maintain optimum velocity through the radiator. We offer high performance water pumps that increase coolant flow and most are made from lightweight aluminum, so you’ll save weight when replacing an OE cast iron pump. Increasing airflow through the radiator is also necessary with a thicker core to ensure optimal heat transfer. We have performance electric cooling fans in single and double fan configurations, with and without shrouds, as well as multi-blade performance mechanical fans.

Excessive heat is destructive, but your engine still needs to run within a temperature range that enables it to be the most efficient and make the best power, so a thermostat is necessary. However, unlike ordinary thermostats, the high-performance thermostats we offer will maintain operating temperature without restricting coolant flow. Our silicone performance radiator hoses can handle high temperatures and they’re available in multiple colors, but if stainless steel is more your style, check out our braided steel hoses and polished stainless performance coolant reservoirs.

Although plain water has the best heat transfer capabilities, your car has to operate in the real world of sub-freezing temperatures and idling in traffic on hot summer days, so coolant is necessary. We have the premium coolant that will lower the freezing point and raise the boiling point, as well as additives that improve cooling system efficiency. These additives reduce air bubbles and pockets that can cause hot spots, so the coolant completely contacts internal engine and radiator surfaces. This increases the cooling system’s heat transfer abilities so you get a cooler running engine.

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  • Performance Engine Cooling
    Hot Under The Hood? Performance Cooling Fans Chase Away Excess Heat
    Auxiliary fans are great for providing a boost to your vehicle's original cooling system if you've encountered overheating conditions. For those who live in climates that see high temperature and humidity, excessively high coolant temperatures can be a major problem - one that will not go away if ignored. Aluminum engine blocks and cylinder heads found on most of today's cars are much more sensitive to overheating than traditional engine blocks made of iron. All it takes is one stretch of time with parts reaching excessively high temperatures to cause permanent metal warpage, leaks, and damage to a myriad of moving parts.
  • Performance Engine Cooling
    Auxiliary Oil Coolers Keep Engine Oil Temperature Under Control
    You may have seen Performance Engine Oil Coolers for sale on our website or elsewhere, and your first reaction may have been "who needs one of those? Not I." We can't say we blame you if your presumption is that either a) your engine is cooled by liquid antifreeze/coolant, so this thing can't be for you; or b) the word "performance" led you to conclude that hot-rodders are the primary target for these add-ons. In fact, if you tow a trailer, or tend to load up your SUV to the max, or drive at high speeds in very hot summer climes, you just might be the real target customer for an engine oil cooler. Allow us to provide some educational background on motor oil, and the critical roles (plural) it plays. Please read on!
  • Replacement Engine Cooling Parts
    Antifreeze Explained: What It Does And Why It's Needed
    "Antifreeze" is a chemical, primarily consisting of ethylene glycol, which when mixed with water serves to lower the freezing point and raise the boiling point of the mixture. Traditionally, the combination of antifreeze and water is known as "coolant". As opposed to air-cooled vehicles which rely on fan-driven air blowing over engine components, water-cooled engines use a radiator, water pump, thermostat, heater core, hoses, and passageways within the engine.
  • Replacement Engine Cooling Parts
    Servicing Your Vehicle's Cooling System
    Everyone knows that your vehicle's engine needs its oil and filter changed at regular intervals. Most folks also know that there are other items which need regular servicing and replacement, such as the air and fuel filters. But what about the cooling system? The fact is, a modern vehicle's cooling system does such a great job at preventing an engine from overheating that we all but ignore it. The reality is, all vehicle manufacturers have a recommended interval when the coolant should be replaced.

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