Flowmaster® 942043 - 40 Series Delta Flow™ Aluminized Steel Muffler (Aggressive Sound, 2" Offset Inlet / 2" Offset Outlet)

Flowmaster Performance Exhaust Systems
Flowmaster® - 40 Series Delta Flow™ MufflerFlowmaster® - 40 Series Delta Flow™ MufflerFlowmaster® - 40 Series Delta Flow™ MufflerFlowmaster® - 40 Series Delta Flow™ Muffler - 3D ViewFlowmaster® - Offset Inlet / Offset Outlet MufflerFlowmaster® - 40 Series Delta Flow™ Muffler Aggressive SoundFlowmaster® - 40 Series Delta Flow™ Muffler Sound Test 602x420Flowmaster Authorized Dealer
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40 Series Delta Flow™ Aluminized Steel Muffler (942043) by Flowmaster®, AGGRESSIVE SOUND, 2" Offset Inlet / 2" Offset Outlet, 4" Thick x 9.75" Wide x 13" Case Length x 19" Overall Length. The 2-chamber design of this muffler, incorporating the patented Flowmaster Delta Flow Technology, has enabled the company to create a performance muffler with an aggressive exterior sound combined with a subdued (but noticeable) interior resonance. This is a muffler that makes a true performance statement without being overly tiring for the driver.

Flowmaster Muffler Family Flowmaster Flowmaster


  • The Quietest Option in the 40 Series Two Chamber Line
  • Less Resonance than other 40 Series Mufflers
  • Advanced Two-Chamber Design Incorporating Patented Delta Flow Technology
  • Available in 409S Stainless Steel or Aluminized Mild Steel
  • Available with either Single or Dual Outlets
  • 3-Year Warranty for Aluminized Mild Steel
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on Stainless Steel Mufflers
Flowmaster - Delta Flow Technology

Like all Flowmaster mufflers, the 40 Series Delta Flow mufflers improve exhaust scavenging for increased torque and horsepower. The precision positioned Delta deflectors have a dual function, as they are positioned to create a low pressure zone that improves exhaust scavenging, while also reducing the interior resonance. The unique design of the 40 Series two chamber delta flow mufflers makes them perfect for performance cars used daily or on long drives. The exterior sound will turn heads, while the interior sound level provides the driver with the beautiful music of a performance engine at a comfortable sound level. The mufflers are fully MIG welded for maximum durability and you have a choice between aluminized mild steel and stainless steel construction.

Flowmaster mufflers differ in technology and tuning, and thus in tone and character, to give your performance engine a sound to your personal liking.

All Flowmaster mufflers are tuned for maximum performance. All Flowmaster mufflers produce a beautiful deep performance tone. Choosing the right Flowmaster muffler is not a technical decision – it is all up to your personal taste. It’s A Sound Decision®.

Flowmaster mufflers employ two unique technologies developed by the company; the patented Delta Flow and the Laminar Flow. They give different characters of sound and can be tuned to achieve the desired exhaust note. Flowmaster Exhaust System Technology is so versatile, and gives such a high degree of control, that it is used both by racers, who want maximum power, and by the U.S. Air Force in Stealth applications where maximum silence and minimum heat emissions are prime considerations. Be it for a domestic or import truck, SUV, off-road warrior, daily driver, muscle car, euro-spec cruiser or sport compact vehicle Flowmaster always has the right muffler for you.

Brand: Flowmaster       Part Number: 942043       UPC: 700042015429
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Flowmaster® has its roots in solving the engine noise problems encountered by California racers in the 1980s. In 1983 Flowmaster’s founder, Ray Flugger, created his first patented design of racing silencers, which dampened noise with minimal loss of power. Ray attached handles to ease carrying the square shaped race mufflers through the race pits, and the mufflers became known as the "suitcase mufflers." Today, the innovative Flowmaster mufflers are the result of years of development with top race engine builders, thousands of hours of dyno research and "real-world" on-track testing.

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Flowmaster® 942043 - 40 Series Delta Flow™ Aluminized Steel Muffler (Aggressive Sound, 2" Offset Inlet / 2" Offset Outlet)
Flowmaster® - 40 Series Delta Flow™ Muffler
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Flowmaster 40 Series Mufflers 942540
1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass | Posted by | (Woodland Hills, CA)

These mufflers from Flowmaster are the quality I expected for my muscle car projects. They sound great and add performance to my rides.

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2010 Ford Focus    S / SE / SEL / SES
2010 Ford Ranger    Sport / XL / XLT
2009 Ford Focus    S / SE / SEL / SES
2009 Ford Ranger
2008 Ford Focus    S / SE / SES
2008 Ford Ranger    FX4 / Sport / XL / XLT
2007 Ford Ranger    FX4 / Sport / STX / XL / XLT
2007 Toyota Matrix    Base / XR
2006 Toyota Matrix
2005 Toyota Matrix
2004 Ford Mustang    Base
2004 Toyota Matrix
2003 Ford Mustang    3.8L
2003 Toyota Matrix
2002 Ford Mustang    3.8L
2001 Ford Mustang    3.8L
2000 Ford Mustang    3.8L
1999 Ford Mustang    3.8L
1999 Ford Taurus
1998 Ford Mustang    3.8L
1998 Ford Taurus
1997 Ford Crown Victoria
1997 Ford Mustang    3.8L
1997 Ford Taurus
1997 Honda Accord    DX / EX / LX / SE / Value Package
1996 Ford Crown Victoria
1996 Ford Mustang    3.8L
1996 Ford Taurus
1996 Honda Accord    25th Anniversary Edition / DX / EX / LX / Value Package
1995 Ford Crown Victoria
1995 Ford Mustang    Base
1995 Ford Taurus
1995 Honda Accord    DX / EX / LX
1995 Mazda Miata
1994 Ford Crown Victoria
1994 Ford Mustang    Base
1994 Ford Taurus
1994 Honda Accord
1994 Mazda Miata
1993 Acura Integra
1993 Ford Crown Victoria
1993 Ford Taurus
1993 Honda Accord    10th Anniversary / DX / LX
1993 Mazda Miata
1992 Acura Integra
1992 Ford Crown Victoria
1992 Ford Taurus
1992 Honda Accord    DX / LX
1992 Mazda Miata
1991 Acura Integra
1991 Honda Accord    DX / EX / LX
1991 Honda CR-X    HF / Si
1991 Mazda Miata
1990 Acura Integra
1990 Honda Accord
1990 Honda CR-X
1990 Mazda Miata
1989 Honda CR-X
1989 Honda Civic    Base / DX / LX / Wagovan
1988 Chevy Monte Carlo    SS
1988 Honda CR-X
1988 Honda Civic    Base / DX / LX / Wagovan
1987 Chevy Monte Carlo    SS
1986 Chevy Monte Carlo    SS
1986 Ford Thunderbird
1985 Chevy Monte Carlo    SS
1985 Ford Thunderbird
1984 Chevy Monte Carlo    SS
1984 Ford Thunderbird
1983 Ford Thunderbird
1981 Chevy Camaro    Z28
1980 Chevy Camaro    Z28
1979 Chevy Camaro    Z28
1978 Chevy Camaro    Z28
1977 Chevy Camaro    Z28
1974 Chevy Camaro    Base 5.7L
1974 Chevy Nova    5.7L
1973 Chevy Camaro    Base 5.0L / 5.7L
1973 Chevy Nova    5.0L / 5.7L
1972 Buick Gran Sport
1972 Buick Skylark    5.7L / 7.5L
1972 Chevy Camaro    Base 5.0L / 5.7L / 6.6L
1972 Chevy Nova    5.0L / 5.7L
1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass    Base 5.7L / 7.5L
1972 Pontiac GTO    6.6L / 7.5L
1972 Pontiac LeMans    Base 5.7L / 6.6L / 7.5L
1971 Buick Gran Sport
1971 Buick Skylark    5.7L / 7.5L
1971 Chevy Camaro    5.0L / 5.7L
1971 Chevy Nova    5.0L / 5.7L
1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass    Base 5.7L
1971 Oldsmobile 442    7.5L
1971 Pontiac GTO
1971 Pontiac LeMans    Base 5.7L / 6.6L / 7.5L
1970 Buick Gran Sport
1970 Buick Skylark    Custom 5.7L / 7.5L; Base / 350 5.7L
1970 Chevy Camaro    5.0L / 5.7L / 6.5L
1970 Chevy Nova    5.0L / 5.7L / 6.5L / 6.6L
1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass    5.7L / 7.5L
1970 Oldsmobile 442
1970 Pontiac GTO
1970 Pontiac LeMans    Base 5.7L / 6.6L / 7.5L
1969 Buick Gran Sport
1969 Buick Skylark    5.7L
1969 Chevy Camaro    Base 5.0L / 5.4L / 5.7L / 6.5L
1969 Chevy Nova    5.0L / 5.7L / 6.5L
1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass    5.7L
1969 Oldsmobile 442
1969 Pontiac GTO
1969 Pontiac LeMans    Base 5.7L / 6.6L / 7.0L
1968 Buick Gran Sport
1968 Buick Skylark    Base 5.7L; Custom 5.7L / 6.6L
1968 Chevy Camaro    5.4L / 5.7L / 6.5L
1968 Chevy Chevy II    5.0L / 5.4L / 5.7L / 6.5L
1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass    5.7L / 6.6L
1968 Oldsmobile 442
1968 Pontiac GTO
1968 Pontiac LeMans    5.7L / 6.6L / 7.0L
1967 Buick Gran Sport
1967 Buick Skylark    4.9L / 5.6L / 6.6L
1967 Chevy Camaro    5.7L / 6.5L
1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass    Base 5.4L
1967 Oldsmobile 442
1967 Pontiac GTO
1967 Pontiac LeMans
1966 Buick Gran Sport    6.6L
1966 Buick Skylark    4.9L / 5.6L / 6.6L
1966 Oldsmobile Cutlass    Base
1966 Oldsmobile 442
1966 Pontiac GTO
1966 Pontiac LeMans
1965 Buick Gran Sport    6.6L
1965 Buick Skylark    4.9L / 6.6L
1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass    Base 5.4L / 6.6L
1965 Oldsmobile 442
1965 Pontiac GTO    6.4L
1965 Pontiac LeMans    6.4L
1964 Buick Skylark    4.9L
1964 Oldsmobile Cutlass    Base 5.4L
1964 Pontiac GTO    6.4L
1964 Pontiac LeMans    6.4L
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Product Reviews (1)
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