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Superior safety features and classy elegant looks are two striking qualities that are rarely to be found in one simple car part. However, CARiD has the widest range of premium looking Dodge Ram Fenders that offer these and many more striking features. Although they are mainly replacements, these fenders are designed to perfectly fit the exquisite look of your Dodge Ram. Indeed only a trained eye can actually tell the difference between these and the factory fit models as they are of the same high quality besides being very transformative. CARiD takes pride in availing only the best fenders sourced from the most renowned brands within this industry such as Goodmark among others. The fender kits at this shop are made from the highest quality materials that are not only rust and corrosion resistant, but also happen to be coated with primer ready for a fresh new paint coat. Furthermore, these fenders are very easy to install, requiring no previous experience or sophisticated hardware, which means that you can save a few dollars on the installation costs.

Dire weather and terrain can be very harsh on the image of your car despite your best efforts. However, with the Dodge Ram Fenders from CARiD, you no longer have to worry about this. These items - fitted right above the wheels - are designed in a contour, ensuring that they keep off any mud or slush splashed by the wheels from the rest of the car. As such, you can now drive through any type of terrain or weather and dare to venture out to any highway; even without having to take your car for a detailing session first. These protective qualities also afford you reprieve from having to repaint your Ram every time you encounter a minor accident, as the fenders take the bulk of the damage.

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Dodge Ram Fenders Reviews
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2003 Dodge Ram
| Posted by | (North Port, FL)

Very easy to install!

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