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Chrome Brakes® offers a lineup of drilled and slotted brake rotors, available in a wide range of colors. To start with, the iron used to form the rotors is cast with a high graphite content that resists heat buildup, and rotor centers are ventilated to allow cooling air to flow through. Pad contact surfaces are slotted and drilled - providing the most effective venting of water, brake dust, and gasses possible.

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    Founded in South Carolina, Chrome Brakes is a privately owned manufacturer and distributor of brake components for a wide range of cars and trucks. The company keeps their philosophy and product line simple - a quality product should have more of what makes it worth having and less of what adds excessive cost. Chrome Brakes parts feature a colorful style as well as no-compromise performance that will give your vehicle the luxury it deserves.

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    Chrome Brakes® offers replacement brake pads that give you better stopping ability, longer pad life, and reduced levels of dust buildup on your wheels. A unique, blended metallic-ceramic compound ensures the pads resist squealing and heat buildup, and the metallic makeup delivers a progressive level of bite as your driving gets harder and more aggressive. Moreover, ceramix pads cause less abrasive wear on rotors.

    Unlike many organizations that sell automotive parts and accessories, CARiD’s standards are as high as yours are. That’s why we only use suppliers with a proven history of customer satisfaction and quality control such as Chrome Brakes®. Our employees have tested their brake products on their own vehicles and after doing so, you can rest assured they will provide equal benefits to you on your car or truck.

    Chrome Brakes Reviews
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    2002 Mitsubishi Galant | Posted by Arnold | (Oklahoma City, OK)

    Great look much more effective than the cheap copy versions you will see on Ebay or Craiglist. This product is legit and worth some consideration. As stated in the product description, the color coat will disappear as it is being used. I have used it now for only 100 Miles and everything seem to be okay. Overall Great product that I will recommend.

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