Chevy Impala Trunks & Tailgates

The Impala got its start back in the later part of the 50's and was known for its shark-like tailfins and triple taillight configuration on either side of the rear end. Although you won't have any trouble locating engine parts for your older Impala, body panels are much harder to come by; particularly if you're looking for parts that don't require modification or extensive restoration work. If the trunk of your Impala has been damaged in an unfortunate collision, or you've purchased a project car that's been terrorized by rust damage, you've come to just the right place to find the parts you need.

Our customers trust Goodmark, a company that specializes in manufacturing hard-to-find late model and classic parts for cars like your Impala. They make direct replacement trunks for your hard or soft top classic Impala that will fit just like you expect them to. Stock accessory locations contain pre-tapped bolt holes for easy installation – you don't have to modify or “force” these parts to fit. Each Goodmark trunk panel is designed with modern CAD software and cut to OEM specs for your year of Impala. They also offer replacement latches, along with upper and lower trunk floor replacement panels.

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