Chevy Colorado Custom Hoods

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    The Chevy Colorado custom hoods are the number one solution for motorists who want to add a hint of personal style to their vehicle. The aggressive design of the aftermarket hoods has been developed by famous brands, such as Carbon Creations, RKSport, SEIBON, etc. These companies are known for their high quality accessories produced from top grade materials. Thus, the performance of the brand new parts is guaranteed to be at top level.

    If you choose the carbon fiber hood, you can be sure that it will remain intact even if the front of the vehicle suffers severe physical damage. Because a fiberglass hood is a most flexible solution, it will allow you to add your own features to the exterior of your car. If your vehicle’s appearance is not your only concern and if you want the hood to improve the performance of the vehicle, you should consider installing the scoop, cowl, or bulge hood. If you are low on funds and need to save up a bit, yet are in dire need of a replacement for your Chevy Colorado’s damaged hood, purchase a stainless steel hood. This low cost alternative can be easily installed in place of the OEM hood. You won’t need any advanced tools and you won’t have to pay a specialist to get the job done, since it is fairly easy to install the new hood yourself.

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    Chevy Colorado was available in the following models:
    Base • LS • Sport • Sport LS • Z71 • Z71 LS • Z85 • Z85 LS • LT • WT