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Your vehicle requires a lot of power to work, and engine power alone is not quite enough. It also needs electricity for a number of purposes, like starting the engine and powering various accessories. This means the electrical system is an important component, and it all starts with one thing: your battery. The alternator, wiring looms, and other electricity-carrying and generating parts are important, but everything else needs a working battery to begin its role.

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Having a working vehicle battery is important because it stores the electricity your engine needs even while you have parked the vehicle. The battery is where the starter motor draws the electricity from when you turn the key in the morning. It also allows a number of accessories, like clocks, to run while you have left the vehicle without the engine running, so you do not have to reset everything every time you start the vehicle.

The battery is actually quite a complex part, even though it looks very simple (but heavy) when you are replacing it. It uses lead plates, usually called the lead-acid type, and they sit in the middle of the battery where they are surrounded by an electrolyte solution of sulfuric acid and water. As the battery sends power to the engine and accessories, those lead plates turn into lead sulfate, and then when the battery is being recharged, they will turn back to lead dioxide. The lead dioxide plates then react with the electrolyte solution, which is what generates and stores electricity.

Unfortunately, because of this amount of complexity, there are always problems waiting to go wrong. For instance, a lack of electrolyte acid will cause the battery to create and store less electricity than it needs, and this can lead to the battery breaking down earlier than it is designed to. Driving short trips, and then leaving the vehicle turned off for a long period, can also cause problems, because the battery is not able to recharge properly on those short trips and it will begin to suffer. These problems can start small, but all end with the same thing: a dead battery.

However, before the battery reaches the very end of its life, there are sometimes warnings that you can look for. One symptom is that there is a lot of corrosion on the top of the battery and on the leads, which can show that it is leaking and is going to stop working relatively soon. You may also notice it is difficult to start the vehicle, and you have to turn the key for a long time, which is a big warning on its own. The easiest way to determine how well your battery is doing is to use electronic testers, because they can give you an exact reading and allow you to guess how long you have left with your battery.

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I really liked the product. It was exactly what the image showed. I will keep buying product from this website.

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