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The importance of lighting on your car cannot be refuted. This is the reason why BMW 8 Series lighting is of paramount importance. To navigate through busy highways or desolate roads at night, you need bright, reliable lights to avoid causing accidents. This is why you have to replace the traditional incandescent lighting on your BMW 8 with quality LED lights. Unlike incandescent lights, LED lights are clean and cover a wider area, making driving safe and comfortable. These LED lights are durable and unless you intentionally try to damage them, the lights will serve you a lifetime. Your BMW 8 is not affected by vibrations, meaning you can cruise on rugged terrain without having to worry that your lights will fail. The Universal 22" Nite Rider Multicolor LED Scanner Bar will increase your illumination making your BMW 8 visible to other drivers and road users. This LED light comes in 7 colors of blue, green, light blue, red, purple, white, and yellow and 20 different lighting patterns. Sync your car stereo to the light bar so that it pulses to the music playing in your car at any given time. Another lighting solution that will make your BMW 8 superb and at the same time increase your visibility is the Universal Lighting Eyes LED Headlights by PlasmaGlow. This LED lighting comes with a one year warranty.

To avoid accidents that occur during the day, you can outfit your BMW 8 with daytime running lights (DRL) by Lumen. These lights will illuminate your car and make it visible to other drivers from a far. Choose from a wide array of LED of different shapes and sizes that will suit your taste and preferences. The die cast casing in which the lights are housed is made from aluminum which is light and isn’t affected by the effects of corrosion. The DRLs can only be purchased in pairs. Installation manuals and the necessary hardware are included in the kit.

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Customize your BMW 8-Series with a set of extra bright headlights, put some flash on the back of your vehicle with custom tail lights, or add a little individuality with a stylish 3rd brake light. Designed not only to complement the look of your BMW 8-Series, but also assist in safe driving, all lights from our comprehensive collection meet the highest quality standards and are guaranteed to operate under harsh weather conditions. Save time and personalize your vehicle with CARiD.

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