Audi TT Steering Wheels

About Audi TT Steering Wheels

As a rule, impressive sports cars like the Audi TT are bought by people who care about the style and image. But if you really want to express your personality through your car, it’s not enough to just buy a stylish model. Such a car should be thoroughly customized to reflect the owners taste and style. And definitely a steering wheel should be among the first details subject to customization.

At you will find custom Audi TT steering wheels made by the leading manufacturers of interior trim products. Depending on your taste and previously installed custom interior elements, you can order an all-leather or all-wood steering wheel as well as a stylish wood and leather steering wheel. Or you may prefer a striking sport finish for your outstanding sports car’s steering wheel. But you should know that whatever you choose, you will get a high quality product made of premium materials. Usually, your standard steering wheel core is used for production of a custom wheel and you should be ready to ship it to us. Replacement of a steering wheel core and its installation is not a difficult or time consuming process and can be done by yourself or in the nearest service center.

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