Having recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, Aston Martin continues to offer motorists a unique blend of thrilling performance, classic British elegance, and the feeling of exclusivity that every Aston Martin owner is familiar with. The brand’s catalog is comparatively small and is composed entirely of sports cars that can be instantly recognized from a lineup of other vehicles. Throughout its history, Aston Martin introduced numerous models that quickly achieved an iconic status, including the V8, V12 DB-9, Vanquish, and Rapide. Aston Martin cars are praised by the auto community for their sleek design, breathtaking driving experience, and exceptional durability.

The car’s suspension is aimed at providing the driver with superb handling and outstanding steering stability, while the passengers can enjoy supreme comfort and excitement from traveling in an Aston Martin. If you want to always be able to make the most out of your car, make sure to timely get the necessary Aston Martin suspension parts and repair your Aston Martin’s suspension when needed. Find sway bars, leaf springs, shocks, struts, and other parts required to repair your car’s suspension in our catalog.

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      # sp15931
      Driver or Passenger Side Stocker Star Steel Economy Shock Absorber by QA1®. Quantity: 1 per Pack. Economy line of stock mount, stock appearing shocks. These shocks provide a significant upgrade from stock and are very economically...
      Twin-Tube internal designEasy, Bolt-In Installation
      $64.26 - $117.46
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      # sp15959
      Front Driver or Passenger Side Stocker Star Aluminum Shock Absorber by QA1®. Compresed Height: 7.63". Extended Height: 11". Quantity: 1 per Pack. QA1’s Stocker Star is a lightweight aluminum non-coil-over shock. Used in drag...
      Twin-Tube internal designMade in the U.S.A.
      $118.04 - $285.01
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      # sp15963
      Rear Driver or Passenger Side 53 Series Stock Mount Steel Twin Tube Circle Track Shock Absorber by QA1®. The new 53 Series is a stock mount twin tube shock absorber. Formerly the FC Series, this shock features hard-anodized...
      2 1/16" Steel twin tube bodyStock mount
      $134.14 - $138.40
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      # sp15966
      FC Series Stock Mount Steel Shock Absorber by QA1®. FC Series, this shock features hard-anodized internals packaged inside a strong, steel stock mount body that allows for enhanced internal gas bag clearance. FC Series is...
      2 1/16" Steel twin tube bodyStock mount
      $91.00 - $100.59
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      # sp18569
      Performance Shock Absorbers by Warrior®. Warrior manufactures its parts in the USA to ensure they are of the highest quality possible. As part of Warrior's commitment to quality, their engineering team over-engineers parts, which...
      Twin-Tube internal designPrecision engineered for your vehicle
      $12.01 - $102.00
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      # sp17667
      Sport Coil Spring Lowering Kit by H&R®. Sport Spring kits are H&R’s number one selling product. Enhance the look of your vehicle with a reduced fender well gap. H&R Sport Springs lower the vehicle center of gravity and reduce...
      Superb ride qualityDesigned for responsive, tight handling and performance
      $195.36 - $619.99
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      # 100668715
      Universal Suspension Clean Aerosol by Maxima Racing Oils®. Maxima Suspension Clean is specifically formulated for the Powersports industry professional. Suspension Clean’s unique formula quickly and easily cleans suspension...
      $11.47 - $110.19
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      # 100668728
      Universal Zero Drag Formula Racing Fork Fluid by Maxima Racing Oils®. Racing Fork Fluid 5wt is the same viscosity fluid as 01, SS7, or std. KYB fluid and is recommended for most late model mx forks. Racing Fork Fluid 7wt, 10wt &...
      $15.52 - $158.36
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      # 100668734
      Universal Zero Drag Formula Racing Shock Fluid by Maxima Racing Oils®. Maxima’s Racing Shock Fluid is a blend of the finest petroleum base stocks available. With extremely high viscosity indexes over 350+, low pour points and...
      $18.25 - $250.03
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      # 100668608
      Universal Fork Oil by Maxima Racing Oils®. For all front suspension systems, both standard and cartridge. 5wt fork oil is normal service weight for MX applications. Consult owners manual for specific applications. Can be blended...
      $8.25 - $11.39
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      # 151405659
      Universal 5165 Series 46mm Smooth Body Monotube Shock Absorber by Bilstein®, 1 per Pack. Without Boot. Finish: Zinc Plated. Lower Mount: Eye 5/8". Get the benefits of a remote reservoir with BILSTEIN's universal fit 5165 shocks for...
      BILSTEIN’s industry leading monotube designRemote reservoir dramatically increases shock oil capacity for even greater heat dissipation and damping sensitivity
      $184.99 - $207.10
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      # 151405664
      Universal 9100 Rock Crawler Series 46mm Threaded Body Monotube Coilover Shock Absorber by Bilstein®, 1 per Pack. With Reservoir. Without Boot. Finish: Electroless Nickel. With Screw Body Top. Upper Mount: 1/2" Heim. Lower Mount:...
      Monotube gas pressure constructionNickel plated 2" diameter threaded body
      $347.43 - $380.17
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      # 151405665
      Universal 9100 Series Shock Absorber by Bilstein®, 1 per Pack. With Reservoir. Without Boot. Finish: Electroless Nickel. Compression/Rebound: Custom/Custom. Upper Mount: 1/2" Heim. Lower Mount: 1/2" Heim. BILSTEIN off-road racing...
      Monotube gas pressure constructionValving can be adjusted internally for rebound and compression.
      $366.93 - $817.85
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      # 151405669
      Universal 9300 Black Hawk Series 76mm 4-Tube Bypass Monotube Shock Absorber by Bilstein®, 1 per Pack. With Reservoir. Without Boot. Finish: Clear Anodized. With Screw Body Top. Compression/Rebound: Custom/Custom. Upper Mount: 3/4"...
      Monotube internal designOne piece 6061 extruded aluminum body with hard anodized finish
      $2,318.63 - $2,486.63
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      # 151405671
      Universal AS2 Series 46mm Monotube Shock Absorber by Bilstein®, 1 per Pack. Without Boot. Finish: Clear Anodized. Upper Mount: 1/2" Heim. Lower Mount: 1/2" Heim. Combining versatility and high quality performance, the all new 46mm...
      46mm lightweight extruded aluminum body maintains tighter tolerances for superior performanceFine thread body provides precise adjustments in coilover applications (coilover kit sold separately)
      $252.05 - $270.30

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    Fit great and are heavy duty.
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