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Alloy USA manufactures heavy-duty axle shafts and other driveline components for racing and off-road use. Alloy USA axle shafts and Precision Gear ring and pinions have been propelling race cars, muscle cars, trucks and 4WD vehicles down highways, back roads, and over the roughest terrain for many years. With their continual quest to provide their customers with the best parts available, it was only natural for Omix-Ada to acquire these companies.

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      $6.24from $4.99 - $2,347.99
      Axle Shafts and Components by Alloy USA®. Upgrade your axle shafts for less than the cost of original replacements. Alloy USA performance axles shafts are made from heavy-duty steel that is heat treated and induction hardened to be...
      # 1298
    • (1 reviews)
      $58.74from $46.99 - $422.99
      Ring and Pinion by Alloy USA®. Mounting larger diameter wheels and tires requires a gear ratio change to maintain the same performance. But even if you're not getting new skins, changing to a lower gear ratio (higher numerically)...
      # 1300
    • (1 reviews)
      $34.99from $27.99 - $1,510.99
      4WD Actuator Components by Alloy USA®. Four Wheel Drive is all about getting power to the ground, at the front wheels as well as the rear. Alloy USA 4WD Actuator Components are made to make sure you get the power you want, when you...
      # 1304
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      $112.49from $89.99 - $271.99
      Differential Overhaul Kit by Alloy USA®. Rebuilding a differential is a complex process. Make sure you can give it your undivided attention by having everything on hand when you start the job. This kit includes everything required...
      # 1305
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      $83.74from $66.99 - $218.99
      Transfer Case Components by Alloy USA®. The transfer case is what makes 4WD possible, transferring the power from the transmission to both the front and rear axles. Alloy USA knows how important the transfer case is, and makes high...
      # 1303
    • (0 reviews)
      $114.99from $91.99 - $123.99
      HD Differential Cover by Alloy USA®. Don't be left stranded out on the trail! Protect your valuable differential with a heavy-duty cover. These covers are made of 3/8" cast steel or 5/16" stamped steel, with extra reinforcement in...
      # 4164
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      $74.99from $59.99 - $150.99
      Slotted And Cross Drilled Rotors by Alloy USA®. These slotted and cross drilled rotors will shed heat, water and brake dust to ensure your brake pads maintain contact for optimal stopping power. They're sold in pairs and available...
      # 1296
    • (0 reviews)
      Wheel Spacers by Alloy USA®. These spacers will move your wheels out away from the body to allow the fitment of wider tires. They're hub-centric to maintain wheel balance and include pre-installed grade 8 wheel studs and 10 lug nuts.
      # 1297
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      $216.24from $172.99 - $187.47
      Ball Joint Kit by Alloy USA®. These adapters will allow you to use wheels with a 5 x 5.5" bolt pattern, and space the wheels 1.25" away from the body to allow the fitment of wider tires. They're hub-centric to maintain wheel...
      # 4166
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      from $112.99 - $313.99
      Axle Shaft by Alloy USA®. {short description 3}
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      $4.99from $3.99 - $50.99
      Universal Joints by Alloy USA®. Your stock U-joints are made of inferior metal and can't be lubricated. The failure of such components is only a question of when, not if. Don't be way out on the trail or far from home when that...
      # 1301
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      from $2.99 - $11.99
      Universal Wheel Studs by Alloy USA®. {short description 3}
      # 9169883
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    Showing 1-15 of 360 Products

    When horsepower under the hood tries to make its way to monster tires, the stock axle shafts can bend, twist and break. The Alloy USA solution is high tensile strength 4340 Chromoly that is heat treated, tempered, and induction hardened to produce axles that are up to 40% stronger than stock. The latest cold spline rolling technology is used to produce splines that are stronger than traditional cut splines, then the shafts are inspected for cracks.

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    Alloy USA also specializes in making products that correct common driveline weak spots. The Manual Locking Hub Conversion Kit will reduce wear and tear on your driveline and give you better fuel mileage, by allowing you to lock the hubs when you need 4WD and unlock them so they can freewheel when you don’t. The Differential Cable Lock Kit converts the failure prone original equipment vacuum disconnect system to reliable cable actuation.

    Axle shaft and ARB locker conversion kits give you stronger axles and 100% traction to the wheels. Limited slip differentials may not limit enough slippage to give you the traction you want, and automatic locking differentials are noisy and may lock unnecessarily. An ARB differential only locks when you need it, but then provides 100% traction to make sure you don’t get stuck. Alloy USA takes pride in developing these and other engineering solutions.

    A combination of monstrous horsepower under your hood and high-traction tires on the ground can quickly reveal any weakness in the drivetrain. To be sure that the drivetrain parts will undoubtedly withstand the rigors of racing and hard driving, the engineers at Alloy USA develop and test every product until it performs just right. When it comes to the design, it is refined through further track testing and then turned into the final product.

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    2001 Jeep Cherokee
    | Posted by | (Dassel, MN)

    Everything went together very easy. Works great. Ray S

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