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    Being born in 2002, the Acura RSX came into the market as a two-door sport hatchback. Nevertheless, this model didn’t last that long, because in 2006 the brand made a choice to move it self upscale, since the RSX model no longer fit into the company's standards. However, this model has appealed to the consumers as an affordable car with a great performance and sporty styling. Despite everything, the Acura RSX had and still has a strong reputation owing to its reliability and what is more important a strong resale value, considering its standard features.

    If you are the owner of the Acura RSX, than you should you know the importance of the Acura RSX Lighting aspects. Don't postpone the car check-up until it is too late. If you found some certain problems with headlights, LED lights, car bulbs or tail lights, than our professionals would be obliged to help you out. CARiD offers an extensive assortment of the lighting parts for the Acura RSX model, that are by the way manufactured by the automotive market leaders like Spyder, CG, Anzo and others. Time is precious, so make the right choice with CARiD!

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    The Acura RSX Will Come Back
    The Acura RSX Will Come Back

    Honda Motor Company considers rebirth of its Acura RSX. Production of the entry-level sports car, much beloved by young enthusiasts due to the affordable price, was discontinued in 2006. Since then, numerous rumors have been predicting the car's revival. And this time, it is Motor Trend magazine that published news on Honda plans to get back to the sports car game with three performance vehicles, including the RSX.

    Motor Trend cites its own sources reporting that it will not take long for the Acura RSX to return to the market. Though the supply issues that raised in Japan with the earthquake and tsunami may somewhat delay the comeback of the RSX, the production renewal is in the company's near-term agenda. MT reports that the vehicle is likely to be powered by a modified version of the 2.4-l four-cylinder gas engine developing 201-hp. If so, the Acura RSX will share its engine with the new generation of the sporty Honda Civic Si. The engine is supposed to be paired with a 6-speed manual transmission. Equipped with sports suspension, the next-generation RSX will borrow interior from the Civic R-Type and feature sharp, aggressive exterior.

    In February 2011, Takanobu Ito, current Honda CEO, revealed the company's plan to launch production of the Acura NSX. Thus only one performance car is surely planned to be brought back to the market. As for the RSX, we'll have to wait for official press releases. For now, Honda made no comments on the information published by Motor Trend, neither did the company disclaim it.