2012 Toyota Sienna Base Rack Systems

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      Toyota Sienna Without Factory Cross Bars Roof Railing 2012, AeroBlade™ Edge Raised Rail Rack by Thule®. 1 pre-assembled AeroBlade Edge bar and 2 raised rail feet. The AeroBlade Edge is the perfect combination of low-profile...
      Designed for vehicles with raised roof railsIntegrated bar and foot design combines foot and bar together for a low profile, aerodynamic package
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      Universal Complete Crossroads Railing Rack by Thule®, 58" Bars. The Crossroads Railing Rack is a complete rack system made for vehicles with existing raised side rails. It includes two 58" SquareBar™ Load Bars, 4 Crossroads...
      The strongest, safest, and most secure foundation for transporting gear on your roofMade for vehicles with raised side rails
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      $98.69from $78.95 - $142.95
      Toyota Sienna Without Factory Cross Bars Roof Railing 2012, Load Bars by Thule®. Thule load bars are strong enough to bear the load, easy to install, and durable to last the miles. The SquareBar™ Load Bar is made of heavy-duty...
      Can support up to 165 lbs. of cargoAvailable in several lengths
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      Toyota Sienna 2012, Whispbar™ Through Bars by Yakima®. If you're looking for more cargo carrying capacity than the Whispbar Flush Bars can provide, these Through bars are what you need. Unlike the Flush bars, these cross bars...
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      Toyota Sienna 2012, ProRack™ Rail Bars by Yakima®, 2 Load Bars. This affordable, easy to install roof rack system is a great way to increase your vehicle's cargo carrying capacity, or to get the gear out of your car, van or SUV...
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      Toyota Sienna 2012, Whispbar™ Rail Bars for Raised Siderails by Yakima®, 2 Load Bars, 33.16" each. This is the most aesthetically pleasing, most aerodynamic roof rack system available for vehicles with raised factory roof side...
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      Toyota Sienna 2012, Round Crossbars by Yakima®. These rugged high-density polyethylene coated, galvanized steel crossbars attach to the roof mounted towers and support roof rack mounted accessories like bike racks, watersport...
      High-strength bars provide support for all Yakima roof rack accessoriesCan be attached to all Yakima roof mounted support towers
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      Toyota Sienna with Factory Rack 2012, Complete Roof Rack System by SportRack®. Everything in one package; load bars, hooks, locks and every part required: ready to install. Sold as pairs.
      Fits most of today’s most popular vehiclesAdaptability of all accessories (bikes, skis, kayaks...).
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      Toyota Sienna Base With Factory Roof Rails 2012, RBU Series Raised Rail Roof Mount Roof Rack by Rola®, 1 Pair. The Weight Carrying Capacity is 165 lbs, Drilling Required, Install Time is 15 minutes. Made from extruded aluminum...
      Universal T-slot to mount accessories and locking end caps to prevent theftRubber buffer strips to stabilize and protect the load and the crossbar from being damaged
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      Toyota Sienna Without Factory Cross Bars Roof Railing 2012, Crossroad Railing Foot Pack by Thule®. The Crossroad Railing Foot Pack is specifically made to enable the installation of Thule load bars onto a vehicle with existing...
      The strongest, safest, and most secure foundation for transporting gear on your roofMade for vehicles with raised side rails
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      Locking End Caps by Rhino-Rack®. The Vortex Locking End Caps are designed to replace the standard end caps of the Rhino Vortex crossbars. The end caps come with locks to prevent theft of the accessories mounted to the channel of...
      Additional security to your roof racksSimple to fit
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      Anchor Strap by Rhino-Rack®. Add extra stability when transporting your long kayak or canoe with the Rhino Anchor Strap. The Rhino Anchor Straps are attached underneath the bonnet of your vehicle and allows you to feed through...
      Simple to attach and removeManufactured from heavy duty polyester webbing
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      $29.25from $23.40 - $27.00
      Tie Down Camloc Straps with Buckle Protector by Rhino-Rack®. The Tie Down Straps are suitable for heavy duty use and feature a unique design registered Buckle Protector. Designed to encase the metal cam buckle, the Buckle Protector...
      Includes a design registered Buckle Protector.Buckle protector is made from injection moulded TPV rubber which helps avoid creating dents/scratches/marks on your vehicle or load.
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      Universal Work Force™ Black Van Rack by Paramount Automotive®. Bolt On. Clamp this rack to the rain gutter of your van to haul around supplies or lumber that is too long to fit comfortably inside. Keeps ladders and scaffolding...
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