2010 Chevy HHR Performance Chips

    • HYPERTECH®Max Energy Programmer
      Chevy HHR DOHC L4 2.4L Gas 2010, Max Energy Programmer by Hypertech®. Regular Fuel: HP Gain 14, TQ Gain 14, Premium Fuel: HP Gain 16, TQ Gain 17. The Max Energy Programmer series provides high levels of power and economy for...
      # 7593503
    • HYPERTECH®Speedometer Calibrator Programmer
      Chevy HHR 2.4L 2010, Speedometer Calibrator Programmer by Hypertech®. The law requires accurate speedometer readings, even if you have non-stock tires or gear ratios installed. The Speedometer Calibrator is created to provide that...
      # 4478986
    • Banks®iQ Flash
      Chevy HHR 2010, iQ Flash by Banks®, HP Gain: Up To 154 hp, TQ Gain: Up To 318. Take complete control of all added power and safety functions when you connect the Banks iQ Flash to any Banks diesel tuner, AutoMind Flash Programming...
      # 3144041
    • DiabloSport®Trinity Analog Cable
      Chevy HHR 2010, Trinity Analog Cable by DiabloSport®. For vehicles with a tight amount of leg room, this accessory OBD II cable features a 90 degree bend to route the cable out of the way of your knees. Extremely useful for...
      # 26901736
    • DiabloSport®Trinity Suction Cup Mount
      Chevy HHR 2010, Trinity Suction Cup Mount by DiabloSport®. This is a replacement suction cup mount for all T1000 units. This item has universal fitment to all Trinitys and is a service replacement for lost or damaged suction cups.
      # 26901737
    • JET®Performance Module
      $303.70from $242.96
      Chevy HHR 2010, Performance Module by JET®. Legal for Sale in 50 State.
      # 13550571
    • JET®Computer Chip Programmer
      $331.83from $265.46
      Chevy HHR LS / LS Panel / LT / LT Panel 2010, Computer Chip Programmer by JET®.
      # 13550565
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    Are Superchips Really Super?Are Superchips Really Super?
    Although most automobile manufacturers try to achieve a balance between performance and emissions when the ECU is programmed, in reality more power can be obtained when certain engine control parameters are changed. Aftermarket superchips are made to adjust parameters to increase engine power and torque. The superchip gives a “boost” to your vehicle’s...
    The throttle controller will basically bypass the computer in the vehicle. It is designed to take the information right from the accelerator position sensor and compile it in a high speed controller circuit that compiles the signal sent from the Accelerator position sensors. With this controller you are able to program it to different options and the throttle...
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