2005 Suzuki Swift Catalytic Converters

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    • Bosal® Front Catalytic Converter
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      # 36757569
      Suzuki Swift 2005, Front Catalytic Converter by Bosal®. If you’re in need of a replacement catalytic converter, you can’t do better than Bosal. They’re a leading supplier to vehicle manufacturers and use advanced...
      Constructed to meet your vehicle’s specific emissions requirementsRadial flow concept allows for an even distribution of the gas flow in the converter for the optimal conversion of harmful gases
    • Weapon-R® CEL Eliminator
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      # 290727
      Universal CEL Eliminator by Weapon-R®. CEL Light Eliminator gets rid of the Check Engine Light and will not effect the performance of your vehicle. We carefully test and research the correct amount air / fuel ratio which is needed...
    • Spectre Performance® Exhaust Header Reducer
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      # 12056627
      Universal Exhaust Header Reducer by Spectre Performance®. Rooted in racing, Spectre Performance designs and builds every product with the same goal in mind - the best performance in the market proven on the racetrack! All products...
      High-tech engine parts for the most power and best performanceThe finest exterior and interior parts for superior appearance and functionality

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