1999 Chevy Tahoe Winches

    • Mile Marker®Hydraulic Winch Valve Adapter Kit
      Chevy Tahoe 1999, Hydraulic Winch Valve Adapter Kit by Mile Marker®. For winches with Discrete Solenoid. This adapter kit is required with Mile Marker H-series hydraulic winches designed with separate, sealed solenoids. It includes...
      Required for hookup of all Mile Marker "H" series hydraulic winches with sealed, separate solenoid unitsKit includes 4 metal fittings that control flow of power steering fluid from your vehicle's power steering pump
      # 2565074
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    A winch can be an extremely useful tool while exploring off-road trails far from civilization, rescuing another vehicle while cruising on the beach, or landscaping in your own back yard. All winches are given a pull rating – which determines the amount of weight that the unit can safely pull. A generally accepted formula is to choose a winch that is rated for at...
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