1995 Subaru WRX Transmission Parts

    • Hayden®Transmission Oil Cooler Barrier Hose
      $14.80from $11.84
      Universal Transmission Oil Cooler Barrier Hose by Hayden®. This part provides a safe heat and oil resistant connecting line between your oil cooler and transmission. Manufactured from black chemigum, the oil cooler hose features a...
      Designed for transmission fluid applicationsMade for tight radius applications found in transmission cooler installations
      # 22196995
    • Hayden®Transmission Oil Cooler Mounting Kit
      $13.25from $10.60
      Universal Transmission Oil Cooler Mounting Kit by Hayden®. With this product, you can easily install your transmission oil cooler. This kit includes everything required to easily do the job.
      Quality constructionEnsures trouble-free installation of transmission oil coolers
      # 22278594
    • B&M®Original Trick Shift™ Automatic Transmission Fluid
      Original Trick Shift™ Automatic Transmission Fluid by B&M®. Trick Shift is the easiest way to improve the transmission performance of your vehicle. The fluid can be mixed with stock-type transmission fluids, however to attain...
      Ensures firmer shiftsPour-in performance
      # 9479195
    • Royal Purple®Synchromax™ Manual Transmission Fluid
      Synchromax™ Manual Transmission Fluid by Royal Purple®. This is a case of 12 x 32-ounce bottles. The fluid is designed to provide exceptional performance while also extend the life of your transmission. The Synchromax greatly...
      # 12156218
    • Royal Purple®Max ATF™ Automatic Transmission Fluid
      Max ATF™ Automatic Transmission Fluid by Royal Purple®. This is a case of 12 x 32-ounce bottles. It significantly reduces heat and wear to extend the life of your transmission. The Max ATF is fully compatible with other automatic...
      # 12156309
    • Hayden®Replacement O-Ring
      $4.55from $3.64
      Universal Replacement O-Ring for Engine Oil Coolers by Hayden®. When reinstalling your oil cooler, it is necessary to replace your o-ring to prevent leaks. Hayden offers you a quality replacement o-ring designed specifically for...
      Designed for use with oil coolersPrevents leaks
      # 22191342
    • Lakewood®BFL Yellow Label Racing Gear Lube
      BFL Yellow Label Racing Gear Lube by Lakewood®, 12 Quarts per Case. Lakewood 32970, Gear Lube, Limited Slip, 80W90, 32 oz. This is a case of twelve 32-ounce bottles of “Yellow Label” 80w-90 mineral gear oil designed for use in...
      Contains twelve 32-ounce bottles of 80w-90 mineral-based gear oil“Yellow label” is designed for use in clutch-type limited slip differentials
      # 12076401
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