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Showing 1-15 of 155 Products
    Showing 1-15 of 155 Products

    YEC is a global name in vehicle ignition components. As a manufacturer supplying repair parts, Yamaguchi Electric Industries provides the distributor caps and rotors essential to engine ignition. YEC has a full lineup of molds for parts of all different configurations. The company supplies the direct-ignition coils that are used in a great number of engines today. YEC has introduced winding technology and clean-room environments needed to produce these cutting edge products. The company's repair parts are found throughout the world, with every part stringently designed, manufactured and controlled.

    Yamaguchi Electric Industries’ lineup of backup alarms (buzzers) is unparalleled globally. The company produces not only genuine parts, but also repair parts for currently operating vehicles. Not limited to use in new vehicles, YEC parts also help maintain cars already on the road. The company's diverse lineup includes high-noise-level alarms, multiple function alarms, variable-level alarms, and more.

    Next-generation automobiles, such as hybrid and electric vehicles, entail drastic changes in vehicle architecture and component structure. YEC is able to utilize its technological expertise and many years of experience to develop products, including sensors and other electrical components, essential to these vehicles of the future, continually keeping its finger on the pulse of progress as automotive technology continues its bold march forward.