Volkswagen Eurovan LED Lights

It has the iconic look of a van from the 1960s. The Volkswagen Eurovan has undergone a number of changes through the years to the more modern version available for sale today. Whether you purchased an older model out of a love for the nostalgia of the van or you own a newer model doesn’t matter. You don’t have to choose style over safety in equipping this van with the best in lighting accessories. What’s the difference? It’s simple. At CARiD you will find a full selection of Volkswagen Eurovan LED lighting options including headlights, brake lights, ground effects, fog and interior lighting. The new LED headlights for your Volkswagen give you a brighter and wider field of view at night than the standard headlights, giving you a little more time to stop. They aren’t just for headlights either! The new LED technology has also improved brake lights. The LED brake lights flash brighter and quicker than the standard brake lights on the Eurovan. This gives drivers behind you a clear indication of when you plan to stop.

In addition to the safety features of Volkswagen Eurovan LED lights, LED lighting can also add to the style as well. The LED lighting accessories available at CARiD include fog lighting, interior lighting, and ground effects. The ground effects kits available at the shop include the simple lighting effect, the breathing effect, and the strobe effect. The simple lighting effect gives your Eurovan a glow under the vehicle. The breathing effect causes the lighting to dim and brighten in a breathing pattern giving your van the appearance of a living being. The strobe effect pulses light with every beat coming from the songs on your car stereo. Need help choosing which feature to get? Click on the “Live Help” or “Need Assistance” button and chat with a live sales agent now!

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