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Spectre Performance takes its roots from 1983 when Amir Rosenbaum started selling NylaBraid hose covers out of his parents' garage to earn some money. The company is now based in Ontario, California and has a team of enthusiastic staff who shares the same dedication to excellence in everything they do. Today Spectre Performance no longer sells NylaBraid but offers a wide range of products for classic and late-model muscle cars as well as trucks and SUVs.

The company is also famous for its fastest gasoline-powered vehicle on Earth – the Spectre Speedliner. This beast has broken the petrol-powered four-wheel land speed record, and the team isn't going to stop. But let's get back to the point. Spectre Performance makes high-end air intake systems and a scope of related accessories that increase performance while withstanding extreme operating conditions.

Pack loads of cool, fresh air into your engine today with Spectre's cold air intakes, plenums, and ducting. The manufacturer also makes custom fuel lines, hoses, filters, clamps, fittings, and adapters. Your engine bay lacks that extra finishing touch? You can simply dress it up with chrome hardware, oil pans, valve covers, and the like. If you still haven't unleashed your engine's full potential, it's high time it worked smarter.

  • Air Intake Kit with Red Filter
  • Y-Pipe Air Intake Kit with White Filters
  • Air Intake Kit with Red Filter and Heat Shield
  • Low Profile Dual Inlets Plenum Style Air Intake Kit
  • Low Profile Dual Inlets Plenum Style Air Intake Kit
  • Air Intake Kit Installing
  • Single Inlet Plenum Style Air Intake
  • Y-Pipe Air Intake Kit with Blue Filters
  • Sheet Metal Plenum Style Dual Inlet Air Intake Kit
  • Air Intake Kit with White Filter
  • Low Profile Dual Inlets Plenum Style Air Intake Kit
  • Low Profile Dual Inlets Plenum Style Air Intake Kit

All Spectre products are thoroughly tested under in-house laboratory conditions as well as the most rigorous race conditions to help you make your vehicle one-of-a-kind in terms of performance. Almost all Spectre Performance systems have a CARB exemption, which means that they meet emissions criteria. Though the CARB-certified parts are rathert expensive, they allow you to enjoy your customized vehicle on highways without causing damage to the environment.

We all know that cold air means more power. But would it truly make that significant change? The answer is, of course! The incoming air, heated by the engine, radiator, and exhaust can achieve temperatures of 200° F. With every 10° F reduction in the incoming air temperature, the engine gains 1,5 to 2% in torque and horsepower. With the Spectre air intake parts, designing your own air intake system is much easier than you might think. Just decide where the air is going to be coming from, everything else is almost a game.

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2005 Ford F-150
| Posted by | (Haslet, TX)

I got a boost of about 3-5 mpg on my truck. Just a few little things I didn't care for.

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