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When it comes to buying carbon fiber components, look for a company that's open about and proud of the way they manufacture their products; one that details why their parts are better. Look for a company whose parts are in demand by knowledgeable people like racing teams. When 1st place is on the line, racers aren't going to use 2nd best. Finally, look for a company that's committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

SEIBON was founded in 2003 by automotive aficionados who realized that there was a demand for top quality, durable carbon fiber components among other like-minded enthusiasts. These devotees then set out to build the best carbon fiber products in the industry. Today, SEIBON makes carbon fiber products using the best raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. Their products are rigorously inspected for quality and fitment, and all clear coated products carry a 6-month warranty.

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To construct the best carbon fiber body panels, SEIBON starts with deluxe French or US-made carbon fiber. This is the highest grade carbon fiber raw material available, the same type used in aviation, satellites and rockets. For a consistent weave pattern without broken lines and patterns, SEIBON uses 1-piece carbon sheet, as opposed to multiple sheets put together. Fiberglass is used to construct the support skeleton, but unlike inferior carbon fiber products, the carbon fiber sheet is not just wrapped around the skeleton but built into the mold instead.

When you're racing and need to pare every ounce of weight, SEIBON also carries "dry" carbon fiber panels that are as much as 70% lighter than the originals. Dry carbon fiber is best for the race track because you get the most strength and save the most weight. The weaves and quality of dry panels are more consistent, but dry carbon fiber is usually more expensive. The dry construction process involves pre-impregnating the carbon fiber with resin, which is why this type of carbon fiber is also called "pre-preg" carbon fiber.

  • SEIBON® - Nissan GT-R White
  • SEIBON® - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Front
  • SEIBON® - BMW 7-Series
  • SEIBON® - Toyota Supra
  • SEIBON® - Mitsubishi Evo Pink And A Model
  • SEIBON® - Mazda RX-8
  • SEIBON® - Nissan GT-R Orange
  • SEIBON® - Scion xB
  • SEIBON® - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
  • SEIBON® - BMW M5
  • SEIBON® - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X Back
  • SEIBON® - BMW E92 2DR

Weight is the great equalizer, allowing a less powerful but lighter car to compete with and maybe beat a more powerful but heavier car. But strength and safety can't be sacrificed just to save weight, and lightweight replacements must be able to function just as well as heavier original parts under racing conditions. This is particularly true for Rally cars, which probably take more of a beating than cars in any other type of motorsport. For Rally cars and every other kind of racer, SEIBON body panels shed the unnecessary weight but still provide the needed strength and durability.

SEIBON carbon fiber components are in demand by well-informed enthusiasts the world over. Besides racing, SEIBON carbon fiber is the favorite of those who drape their cars in carbon fiber strictly for its visual effect. SEIBON carbon fiber components are tough on the race track and shine under the bright lights of Main Street. Whether you're at the race track or a car show, SEIBON panels reveal the craftsmanship of their experienced production team and their commitment to quality. SEIBON products have been featured on television, in the movies, at racing events, on magazine covers and at national and regional auto shows. Not content to rest on their accomplishments, the people at SEIBON are committed to listening to their customers and using the latest technology to meet the demands of the market place. SEIBON has a passion and pride that is evident in every carbon fiber product they produce.

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2010 Chevy Camaro
| Posted by | (Watsonville, CA)

We got a 2012 Camaro in the shop with a carbon fiber hood and an insurance repair assignment. Where to find, get shipped in timely fashion, receive part with no breaks, and come as the right part for the job. CARiD did it all. Thanks guys and girls! - Rick / Russo's Collision Repair.

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