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Founded in the late 1990s, Professional Products has slowly but surely managed to build up its reputation on the back of its core philosophy to provide quality high performance parts at better value than what existed in the market. The first product that they released bearing their name consisted of small block Chevy intake manifolds, and following the success of that line, they have been continually expanding and adding new products to their catalog.

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    Although their first product may have been intake manifolds, Professional Products has expanded their range to include fuel systems, harmonic dampers, as well as various other accessories such as gaskets, water pumps, oil filters, gauges, coil covers, bolt kits and so on. Via their recent acquisition of Retrotek Speed they have also managed to expand into electronic fuel injection and ignition products as well.

    • Professional Products® - Throttle Cable Bracket
    • Professional Products® - Fuel Rail
    • Professional Products® - Intake Manifold
    • Professional Products® - Fuel Pressure Regulator
    • Professional Products® - Water Pump
    • Professional Products® - Throttle Body Assembly
    • Professional Products® - Oil Filter
    • Professional Products® - Distributor Drive Gear
    • Professional Products® - Ignition Control Module
    • Professional Products® - Distributor
    • Professional Products® - Distributor Cap
    • Professional Products® - Fuel Filter

    On the intake manifolds front, Professional Products now caters to almost every popular application on the market. Some are stock replacement intake manifolds while others may be EFI applications or full race single plane intake manifolds, but each is cast of aluminum in heat-treated steel molds to produce a superior quality of parts that have a smoother finish and less porosity. Similarly, when it comes to harmonic dampers, Professional Products has become one of the industries largest suppliers of street and SFI-certified dampers.

    As for fuel systems, Professional Products has an extensive line of components that range from fuel filters, inlets, pressure regulators, pumps and rails, right on to hose ends and fittings, as well as throttle bodies. When it comes to fuel injection and electronics, the pride and joy of Professional Products is the Powerjection III that it is pioneering as a self-contained and self-learning EFI system which has a throttle body designed to look like a carburetor to keep that signature look.

    It is plain to see that throughout their entire catalog, Professional Products attempts to keep to the highest of standards in terms of quality control. Compared to their rivals, it is also easy to see that they offer true value for money, and often the products under their banner out-class the majority of their competitors within that price point. For a relatively young company to be able to develop such an outstanding reputation and stand head and shoulders above its rivals is no small achievement, and Professional Products commitment to providing greater value than what exists in the current market is nothing less than exemplary.

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    Fuel Rail
    2004 Mercury Grand Marquis
    | Posted by | (Boron, CA)

    The fuel kit fit properly.

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