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With the Run Flat, you will retain mobility in the event of a puncture. To ensure maximum safety during an emergency situation, the Run Flat tire must maintain certain speed and distance parameters (50 mph for 50 miles).
P Zero Run Flat Specifications

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      Product Details

      P ZERO RUN FLAT Summer / Performance Tires by Pirelli®. With the Run Flat, you will retain mobility in the event of a puncture. To ensure maximum safety during an emergency situation, the Run Flat tire must maintain certain speed and distance parameters (50 mph for 50 miles).

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      • Optimized tread pattern design enhances handling and control
      • Unique grooves improve grip and roadholding
      • Improved composite ensures maximum structural integrity

      Characterized by an asymmetric tread pattern that improves braking, P Zero is noted for its enhanced performance and control. Excellent for wet conditions, it reduces the risk of hydroplaning, and offers increased safety and handling. State of the art nanocomposite compound ensures the maximum grip and stability essential to sports driving.

      The tire’s structural integrity improves steering response and ensures uniform tread wear. A special “S-shaped” groove in the tread reduces interior noise levels, enhancing driver comfort. The P Zero is truly a benchmark in its segment and ideal for all of the finest sport and exotic cars.

      Pirelli Run Flat

      Run Flat tires mean safety. They provide improved control over your car in emergency situations, and allow you to continue driving safely even during a rapid loss of air pressure. So, if your tire is punctured, with the Pirelli Self-Supporting Run Flat you can continue driving for a while. Due to certain speed and distance restrictions (50 mph for 50 miles), it's imperative that motorists be notified of a tire pressure loss, and therefore the vehicle must be equipped with a TPMS. After the low pressure warning is shown, the condition of the remaining tires and the TPMS should be checked immediately by a specialized dealer. Damaged Run Flat tires should be replaced immediately with another set.


      P Zero Family is the maximum expression of Pirelli's "Ultra High Performance" philosophy. Enhancing the performance of modern supersports cars and their most "extreme" versions, these tires have also been designed for occasional race track use. Ideal for powerful sedans and mid-range vehicles.


      Pirelli tires have a stiff construction and do not usually require higher inflation pressures. They are designed for use at a pressure of approximately 2 bar, which is to be adjusted according to the vehicle type. The indicated figure refers to the “operating pressure”: the pressure of the tire when it is fully warmed up to working temperature. For accurate calibration, it is essential to consider that the difference in temperature between a “cold” tire and a “hot” one is quite significant, normally 0.5 bar.

      Pirelli recommends the use of ordinary compressed air to inflate the tires, provided that the above procedures are followed. No special gases, such as nitrogen, are required unless the source of air is exposed to excessive humidity.

      Always use a high-quality air pressure gauge in order to obtain reliable results. We also recommend that the valve stems of the wheels should be metal, instead of rubber, as they are more resistant to high temperatures.

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      Founded in 1872, today Pirelli counts 19 tire industrial plants, in four continents, operating through a widespread sales network in over 160 countries around the world. Pirelli is distinguished for its long industrial tradition, which has always been combined with capacity for innovation, product quality and brand strength. A strength which, since 2002, has also been supported by the industrial design project of P Zero, and which today has been further recognized by the Formula 1, for which Pirelli Tire is the exclusive supplier for the three-year term 2011-2013.

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