N-Fab Truck Accessories

Nerf Bars, Off-Road Bumpers, Light Bars

Houston-based N-Fab has been in the business of making off-road products since 2002. Texas is truck country: where better to develop and manufacture truck accessories? Whether it’s a set of nerf bars, a sharp mesh grille or a gnarly bumper for mounting a winch, N-Fab makes a sharp-looking, great-performing product. And they develop and make them here in the USA. Their facility has mastered the fabrication of tubing and sheet steel products.

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    • (0 reviews)
      $1,136.63from $909.30 - $1,379.00
      RDS Front Bumper by N-Fab®. Featuring true off-road styling, the RDS rear replacement bumper is designed to bolt directly to the factory bumper mounts for ease of installation. All RDS bumpers are built as one-piece assemblies,...
      # 8099
    • (1 reviews)
      $661.25from $529.00 - $768.06
      N-Durastep Nerf Steps by N-Fab®, 1 Pair. Getting into and out of a lifted truck or SUV is a job for a tall, tall driver. Or a driver who has installed a set of N-Fab’s N-Durastep Nerf Steps. They’ll provide protection for your...
      # 2215
    • (0 reviews)
      $324.99from $259.99 - $499.00
      RWB Front Winch Bumper by N-Fab®. Replace your puny OEM front bumper with this trail-ready front winch bumper. It’s the perfect addition to any Wrangler that’s used off-road.
      # 2199
    • (45 reviews)
      $398.75from $319.00 - $499.00
      3" Nerf Steps by N-Fab®, 1 Pair. Spanning the entire side of the truck from wheel well to wheel well, this bar has a more finished appearance. It carries two steps per side for access to the cab.
      # 2213
    • (0 reviews)
      Bed Rack by N-Fab®. Rear Roof Mounted Light Bar. Bed Rack - Holds 4 Lights.
      # 7841
    • (8 reviews)
      $412.50from $330.00 - $399.25
      2" Nerf Steps by N-Fab®, 1 Pair. Spanning the entire side of the truck from wheel well to wheel well, this bar has a more finished appearance. It carries two steps per side for access to the cab.
      # 2212
    • (0 reviews)
      Heavy Duty Front Winch Bumper by N-Fab®. N-Fab’s Front Winch Bumper offers both style and performance. With 3/16” plate steel, D-ring mountings and the capability of mounting a 16,500 lb. winch, this bumper also has a great...
      # 2200
    • (1 reviews)
      AdjustSTEP Nerf Steps by N-Fab®, 1 Pair. Get both. Get a high and tight nerf bar to protect your bodywork, and steps that you can position at exactly the right height to easy your entry and exit into the cab. With 5.5" of...
      # 2211
    • (0 reviews)
      RB Heavy Duty Rear Bumper by N-Fab®. N-Fab heavy duty bumpers offer style and performance for your truck. Built as a one-piece welded assembly from 3/16" and 1/4" cold rolled steel, these rugged bumpers include 1/4" mounting...
      # 8123
    • (0 reviews)
      Harley Bars by N-Fab®, 1 Pair. Make your lowered truck look even lower. Or make your standard-ride-height truck look lowered by adding a set of N-Fab’s Harley bars. These 3" tubular steel bars span the entire distance between the...
      # 2214
    • (3 reviews)
      $367.81from $294.25 - $306.03
      Pre-Runner by N-Fab®. This Pre-runner style light bar not only gives you a place to mount three 8- or 9-inch auxiliary lights, it provides a modest amount of protection for the lights and your grille.
      # 2201
    • (2 reviews)
      $412.50from $330.00 - $394.17
      Rock Rails by N-Fab®, 1 Pair. Protect your bodywork from stumps and rocks with set of N-Fab rock rails. Welded together from double tubes of 1.75" 0.095" steel tubing, these rails will let your undercarriage slide harmlessly along...
      # 2216
    • (0 reviews)
      Rear-Runner by N-Fab®. This Pre-runner style light bar not only gives you a place to mount a pair of 7-inch auxiliary lights, it provides a modest amount of protection for the lights and your hitch receiver.
      # 2203
    • (0 reviews)
      $349.99from $279.99 - $299.99
      Rocker Guard by N-Fab®, 1 Pair. Protect your off-roader from stumps and rocks with set of N-Fab Rocker Guards. Welded together form double tubes of 1.75" 0.095” steel tubing, these guards utilize an extra upper tube that will let...
      # 2217
    • (0 reviews)
      $324.99from $259.99 - $899.99
      RTC Rear Bumper by N-Fab®. Bolt this bumper to the stock mounts for your OEM bumper and hit the trails. This tubular rear bumper will improve your rear ramp angle, and is available with a spare carrier that will take a 40”...
      # 2202

    The first step in modding a truck or Jeep for off-roading is usually a front bumper. An N-Fab bumper will help by having a steeper ramp angle, the better to crawl through gullies, as well as providing some protection underneath for your front suspension and steering. If you’ve lifted your truck and mounted some big-ass tires, don’t let your spare tire and wheel just flop around inside the bed; get a spare tire carrier to keep it from flipping out if you go over a big bump.

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    Once you get into a serious off-roading situation, the first thing you notice will be the damage to the bottom of your doors and frame from scraping along the rocks and stumps. Don’t let a sharp rock peel open your bodywork like a can opener. Don’t let a big stump keep you from any useful forward motion. A set of rock rails or nerf bars from N-Fab will cover the vulnerable sheet metal with heavy-duty 3/16” plate or thick-wall round tubing. That will just let you slide along the rocks easy as pie.

    • N-FAB® - Front Bumper
    • N-FAB® - Pre-Runner on Toyota Tundra
    • N-FAB® - Side Steps
    • N-FAB® - Front Winch Bumper
    • N-FAB® - Wheel to Wheel Textured Black Nerf Steps
    • N-FAB® - Front Bumper with Skid Plate on Ford
    • N-FAB® - Off-Road Bumper on Ford
    • N-FAB® - Pre-Runner on Dodge RAM 1500
    • N-FAB® - Gloss Black Front Bumper
    • N-FAB® - Pre-Runner
    • N-FAB® - Gloss Black Front Bumper with Skid Plate
    • N-FAB Cars - RSP Replacement Front Bumper on Ford

    N-Fab has light bars, for those of you that need plenty of light for off-roading after dark. And you can put those lights above the roof, on the front bumper or just on a front light bar. Whether you need pencil beam driving lamps for looking far down the trail, or LED flood lamps for illuminating the pit area or your campsite, N-Fab has a mount for them.

    Great looks are a priority around N-Fab’s shop as well. They’ve parlayed their ability to fabricate steel into a compelling line of mesh grilles for trucks that will give you an unforgettable presence on the street or on the trail.

    n-Fab Reviews
    Average rating: 4.5 4.6 - 84 reviews
    2015 Chevy Colorado | Posted by J Scott | (Alpharetta, GA)

    When the product arrived, I was a little surprised at how little hardware was included. However, being that it is vehicle specific, the design is actually great and ultimately these bars are very sturdy and look nice on the truck. No drilling - just need a socket wrench. I installed by myself, probably 45 minutes on the first side and 15 minutes on the second side after I had the best process figured out. My recommendation to save time if doing it alone is to get the necessary factory mounting whole plugs removed (six per side), install all the clips as directed and then just screw in the 3 bolts in the vertical mounting locations a few turns, just enough to hold the bar up after you slide the brackets over the bolts. That gets the weight off of you quickly so it's hanging by itself allowing you to locate the other 3 bolts on the bottom panel which you want to tighten first to get it as high and tight to the rocker as you can and level. Once that's done you can tighten the vertical bolt locations on the body side panels and they are solid as a rock. Just as advertised, look great. If I did this every day, I could knock the whole install out in 30 minutes. I'm pleased with the purchase.

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