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    Mitsubishi Pajero Won't be Back

    The Mitsubishi Pajero haven't been seen in the dealerships for quite a long time. You'll find the SUV in Latin America, in Europe, in Asia, wherever, but not in the United States. Now and then, rumors about the glorious comeback of the Pajero emerge on the Internet. So why don't we have it in here in the first place?

    The very first reason is the low demand. It's the essential factor that influences an automaker's decision on whether introduce a model to a particular market or not. In the United States, the Pajero's sales have been down nearly 27% during the first six months of 2004, compared to the same period in 2003. During Pajero's last year in the US, there were sold less than a half of units that Mitsubishi sold in the best year of the crossover. Because of the disappointing sales, the company decided to discontinue the Pajero in 2006. The second reason is the emissions level. Mitsubishi didn't manage to find cash required for retooling needed to allow the Pajero meet the 2007 US emissions and safety standards. Eventually, being to expensive for what it offered, the Pajero was replaced with the Endeavor. There is a hard chance that the crossover will ever be offered in the United States. So whenever you hear that the SUV will come back, don't rush to the dealership.