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If it doesn't produce power, don't make it - that's the core of the MagnaFlow's philosophy. For about thirty years, the company has been earning the reputation as an industry leader. All MagnaFlow products, including complete exhaust systems, exhaust tips, catalytic converters, and mufflers are different yet have one thing in common – they deliver results. The items by MagnaFlow can boost any vehicle's performance and deliver a killer sound.

Can't find the proper aftermarket muffler? Universal MagnaFlow mufflers are designed for those who want to build a truly custom exhaust system and get performance and sound. The baffles inside the muffler direct the emissions and give that loud sound. With MagnaFlow muffler, your vehicle will be roaring like a lion when you floor the accelerator and purring like a cat when you're cruising.

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Style is all about details. You might have dressed up your vehicle in chrome, got stylish rims, changed the grille, but it seems you've missed one spot - exhaust tip. Looking at a new exhaust tip on your car is surely more pleasing than looking at the rusty one. And if you've done the full exhaust mod and need to finish it, an exhaust tip will cope with the task. Don't forget that an exhaust tip works effectively only with an aftermarket exhaust muffler.

Offering components that are much more affordable than the OEM replacement parts, MagnaFlow is a leader when it comes to catalytic converters. The company developed two types of the product, named 49-State and California. 49-State converters meet the EPA emissions requirements and are perfectly street legal in all the states but for California. And for those who live in California, MagnaFlow designed a catalytic converter that meets the CARB standards.

  • Magnaflow® - Dodge Challenger
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2015 Dodge Challenger
| Posted by | (North Miami Beach, FL)

The hangers did not lined up. Car had to go to exhaust shop to re-weld hangers.

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