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KC HiLiTES is the first place to look for auxiliary Flood and Driving Lights, Off Road Lights, Fog Lights, Light Bars, Light Covers, and Wiring Kits to accommodate your lighting needs. Seriously, if it's dark, you need KC! Whether you are crawling back to camp after a long day, creeping home in a rainstorm, or simply heading to work early on dark, deserted roads, KC HiLiTES has an auxiliary or replacement light that will keep you safe.

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Showing 1-8 of 8 Products
    Showing 1-8 of 8 Products

    Off-roaders and rallyists need lights that illuminate the course far ahead of them because they're going as fast as they can. Pencil-beam long-range lamps project massive amounts of light straight ahead of your car, picking out potholes, rocks, and the occasional deer far enough out to slow down and swerve. Your original equipment headlights are fine for driving through traffic in illuminated urban areas but we're car guys and drive far and fast.

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    Even if you don't race or rally, a set of driving lights can make difference. Supplementing your headlight's high beam can make a deserted neighborhood easier to negotiate. If you live anywhere where there's weather, you'll appreciate the addition of a pair of fog lights. These lights throw a horizontal beam of light close to the ground, throwing light onto the pavement but without shining onto the precipitation in front of your eyes and blinding you.

    • KC HiLiTES Off-Road Event
    • KC HiLiTES Off-Road Event
    • KC HiLiTES Off-Road Event
    • KC HiLiTES Off-Road Event
    • KC HiLiTES Off-Road Event
    • KC HiLiTES Off-Road Event
    • KC HiLiTES Off-Road Event
    • KC HiLiTES Off-Road Event
    • KC HiLiTES Off-Road Event
    • KC HiLiTES Off-Road Event
    • KC HiLiTES Off-Road Event
    • KC HiLiTES Off-Road Event

    KC also has new-technology lights that use HID lamps for astonishingly bright lights that use far less current and a bulb life as long as your car's life expectancy. LED lights are the wave of the future, and KC already has several products that use them. These ultra-low-consumption devices have been used for tail, brake, and running lights, and now KC has several auxiliary lights that throw as much illumination as conventional halogen lamps.

    Adding a pair of auxiliary lights to existing wires is a gamble: the OEM wiring was sized to be adequate for the stock headlights. It's always a good idea to upgrade the wiring to be sure your new lights get the full voltage of the electrical system, ensuring you see all the lumens you've paid for. KC has easy-to-install wiring harness kits that use relays to operate your new lights with power tapped directly into the battery, delivering full brightness.

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    1999 Ford F-150
    | Posted by | (Austin, TX)

    These lights have to be my favorite from what I have owned the distance and spread on them are amazing and a must have for any off roader!

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