Hotchkis Sport Suspension

Horsepower for Your Suspension

Founded in Santa Fe Springs, California, in the late 1960s during the height of the original muscle car boom, Hotchkis Sport Suspension got its start building products that blessed GM, Mopar, and Ford performance cars with new abilities to corner and handle with stability at racetrack speeds. As the company’s reputation for building quality products grew, Hotchkis parts soon found their way into all kinds of vehicles that were not made to go fast.

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    • (0 reviews)
      Sport Suspension System by Hotchkis®. This is a complete kit with components that give your vehicle reduced body roll, sharpened steering response, and enhanced handling. Provides a subtle drop in ride height, and gives any classic...
      $473.69from $378.95 - $4,741.63
      # 1048
    • (0 reviews)
      Extreme Sport Lowering Kit by Hotchkis®. Extreme Sport level total vehicle system kits provide a large number of components to lower your vehicle and improve its handling. The Extreme Sport package includes 4 Sport coil springs,...
      $2,212.66from $1,770.13 - $3,951.60
      # 1050
    • (0 reviews)
      Competition Lowering Kit by Hotchkis®. This is a complete kit with Hotchkis’s most beefed-up coil springs and sway bars designed to maximize your vehicle’s handling, traction, and chassis rigidity for high performance on the...
      # 1049
    • (6 reviews)
      Sway Bars by Hotchkis®. Anti-sway bars that effectively reduce suspension lean and side-to-side body roll when vehicle weight shifts. Improves overall stability, driver control, and cornering while maintaining proper alignment and...
      $98.09from $78.47 - $859.68
      # 1052
    • (4 reviews)
      Control Arms by Hotchkis®. This is a set of replacement A-arm assemblies that come ready to bolt on with repositioned ball joints that provide sports-car handling, reduced body roll, and improved stability at all speeds. Includes...
      $11.36from $9.09 - $1,496.95
      # 1053
    • (0 reviews)
      Street Performance Series Shocks by Hotchkis®. This is a mono-tube shock absorbers produced under license by Fox. Civilized during street driving, yet progressively tuned with a digressive piston design and high-pressure nitrogen...
      $176.40from $141.12 - $547.25
      # 8116
    • (0 reviews)
      Strut Tower Brace by Hotchkis®. Show the imports that your classic muscle car concedes nothing when it comes to handling with this set of reinforced 1.5” diameter steel tubes that bolt on to your control arms, shock towers, and...
      $203.18from $162.54 - $542.43
      # 8117
    • (1 reviews)
      Steering Components by Hotchkis®. Show the imports that your classic muscle car concedes nothing when it comes to handling. Stiffer spring rate maintains ride comfort while reducing brake dive, wallowing in curves, floating over...
      $26.85from $21.48 - $888.25
      # 7242
    • (0 reviews)
      Rear Air Bag Kit by Hotchkis®. This is a set of two secondary helper air bags that mount inside your vehicle’s springs to reduce rear squat under acceleration and restore ride height with a total of 1,000 pounds of load lifting...
      $103.25from $82.60 - $135.07
      # 1055
    • (2 reviews)
      Car Undercover by Hotchkis®. This is a complete kit with vehicle frame and subframe reinforcement braces that add rigidity, reduce chassis flex, and prevent subframes from twisting under heavy power. Designed and manufactured with...
      $115.93from $92.74 - $586.85
      # 8113
    • (1 reviews)
      This is a coil springs designed for the enthusiast who seeks to lower their vehicle and achieve handling improvements in cornering, grip, and turn-in response. Increased spring rate also provides a civilized ride over uneven...
      $196.09from $156.87 - $674.61
      # 8114
    • (0 reviews)
      Ball Joints by Hotchkis®. This is a set of replacement A-arm assemblies that come ready to bolt on with repositioned ball joints that provide sports-car handling, reduced body roll, and improved stability at all speeds. Includes...
      $32.01from $25.61 - $278.78
      # 8110
    • (0 reviews)
      Caster Camber Plate by Hotchkis®. This is a set of 2 replacement plates for the top of your MacPherson type struts that allow a more extreme level of adjustment for camber and caster than cam bolts. Excellent if your vehicle ride...
      $289.10from $231.28 - $429.03
      # 8112
    • (0 reviews)
      Leaf Spring Shackles by Hotchkis®. This is a set of two replacement leaf spring shackles that match the look and function of OEM equipment with upgraded strength for heavy-duty performance needs. Shackle plates are made from...
      $42.34from $33.87 - $92.74
      # 8115
    • (0 reviews)
      Heavy Duty Billet Sway Bar Bushing Bracket Kit by Hotchkis®. This is a set of two heavy-duty aluminum sway bar mounting brackets designed to provide a higher level of strength with more sophisticated brushed metal looks to match....
      $129.78from $103.82 - $189.95
      # 8118

    If you have a classic muscle car, you know it was built before today’s knowledge was gained about structural rigidity. Because powerful motors and grippy tires have a frame-twisting effect under high torque loads, Hotchkis offers a number of kits which contain structural braces to beef up strut towers, control arms, suspension subframes, and solid rear axles. Even if you have a late model performance car built in America, Japan, or Europe, you’ll still benefit from the added control and predictability Hotchkis kits bring to your car by keeping wheels better aligned and tires planted more flatly against the pavement.

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    For the most experienced drivers, the Hotchkis team has developed vastly improved suspension systems that dramatically increase the pleasure of your street or track driving. CARiD offers the whole line of Hotchkis suspension components, including Hotchkis performance sport spring kits, performance sway bar kits, performance rear trailing arms, leaf spring kits, tie rod sleeves, subframe connectors, HPS 1000 shocks, premium steering and ball joint rebuild kits, tubular front control arms, and so much more. Just browse our virtual shelves, and choose the products that will turn your vehicle into a beast.

    Adding structural reinforcements at the top of your front and rear suspension components is an easy way to beef up torsional rigidity if autocross, pro-touring, or racing events will be attempting to compress and twist the frame and axles of your vehicle. Because the tops of strut towers are under constant pressure to shift position in their mounts when wheels are pulled and yanked in every direction, braces keeping things affixed rigidly in position keeps alignment and grip at relaxed Sunday drive levels.

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    • HOTCHKIS® - Suspension System on Chevrolet Camaro

    The Chassis Max Handle Bar kit comes with curved bracework that locks the top of the control arms and shock towers with the same firewall structural elements that fenders bolt onto. Doing this keeps front wheels and suspension elements from shifting out of position under pressure, so steering, turn-in response, and front grip all stay predictable. Depending on vehicle application, the cross member bar included in the Chassis Max Handle Bar kit may be adjustable to account for variations in vehicle manufacturing, condition, and normal suspension sag.

    The steel tubing found on all Hotchkis sway bars and other components is formed by a Drawn Over Mandrell (DOM) process, which allows manufacturing tolerances to be as much as twenty times tighter than most hot rolling processes competitors use. Steel sections are joined by Tungsten Gas Insert (TIG) welding – a process which provides clean, even welds and a consistent level of bonding strength on all areas. As a result, irregularities which create weak points prone to metal fatigue or failure are eliminated. An outer finish of either nickel or powder coat is applied for show car looks, durability, and corrosion protection. And to ensure sway bars and other moving components stay properly positioned for the long run, Hotchkis uses polyurethane bushings that are more resilient than ones built from traditional OEM rubber.

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    Hotchkis Trailing Arm.
    1967 Buick Skylark | Posted by John | (Garden City, NY)

    Nice item just as advertised. I highly recommend Hotchkis suspension products.

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