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Showing 1-15 of 60 Products
    Showing 1-15 of 60 Products

    HJS is a family owned medium-sized company. The company boasts 30 years of history of success based on comprehensive know-how, flexibility, short decision ways as well as global acting and thinking. With the research, development and production of exhaust systems and catalysts HJS created itself an international name. The ambition of HJS is to improve itself internationally with innovative and competitive products. It is important for the company to make a contribution to the protection of human beings and the environment with economic and social principles.

    HJS is the world-wide leader in high speed catalysts for motor sport. All committed cars in the rally championship, the cars of the DTM and the formula 3, are equipped with HJS catalysts. With the use of the particle filters, developed by the HJS- technology for Diesels Rally Masters, HJS proves its product security also under most difficult operating conditions. Till this day no other particle filter manufacturer succeeded to obtain the admission for the use of their products for motor sports.